You need to visit this 54,000 Square foot Urban Fitness Oasis

Located in the heart of Harbor East, the Maryland Athletic Club has established itself as Baltimore City’s “go to” place for fitness and wellness. Overlooking the Harbor, the club reminds you more of a resort and spa than a fitness center. Featuring four saltwater swimming pools, dedicated exercise studios, international sports courts an internet café and much more.

So when it came to the blending the audio and visual stimulation systems throughout the club, the owners aimed to impress. HS Tech Group’s design had to include complete control over the dozens of large screen TV’s and speakers from one specific location. An important element HS Tech Group had to overcome was the integration of the software from a third party that would manage and display customized content throughout the facility that keeps members updated on club news, events, classes and more. The other challenge was to provide multiple zones allowing instructors to select the appropriate audio and visual inspiration. HS Tech Group made it easier than ever whether the selection was a heart stomping track for a spin class or relaxing spiritual sounds for the yoga and Pilates studios.

The facility also boasts a state-of-the-art security and video surveillance system designed to keep members and the 100+ staff safe at all times.  For more information, please contact Mark Recene at 1-888-947-8476 X1108 or