HS Tech Group Gets Extreme with ABC in Baltimore, MD

In June of 2010, HS Tech Group was asked to work on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. HS Tech Group was informed that the home would be 11,000+ square feet, the first attempt at a prefabricated home and still only seven days to complete the job!

Our devoted team put in 390 plus man-hours over six days, with 12 people working in 100-plus degree heat and rain!

Most would ask why? Our answer was to prove to ourselves we could do it. The show’s producers put a lot on our plate; we were asked to provide the Security and Video Surveillance System that covered the inside and outside perimeter of the home as well as all of the necessary Data, Phone and TV infrastructure, Music, a Computer Lab and Media/Entertainment Room. All of the requested products and services were to be provided (at our cost) by us alone!

The project brought many of our team members working together for the first time. And up until the show’s last episode, this project still remains their largest build. To get HS Tech Group involved in your next extreme project, contact Stuart Forcshiemer at (866) 466-3723 or email media@hst-group.com