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Security Improvements in the New Year

As we move into the New Year, you may be considering security improvements for your home or business. Criminals never take a day off and neither should you. However, there are ways to protect property that do not require your constant vigilance. Advanced technologies allow for automation and remote control. At HS Tech Group, we […]

Commercial Security and the Benefit of Security Cameras

Deterring crime is one of the main purposes of commercial security. Cameras can capture crimes, help in investigations, and are used in prosecutions as evidence. However, it is important to ensure that your security systems are safe and secure so that they are a reliable source. Hacking of security cameras is a concern. In many […]

Keeping Your Home Safe During the Holidays

During the holidays, memories are made by celebrating with family and friends. Unfortunately, opportunistic thieves are always more active at this time of year. No matter which calendar occasions you observe, there are several reasons to increase security at your home. Some of the factors that may attract criminals include expensive gifts, deliveries, and extended […]

Pieces of Corporate Security Systems

When you run a business that is tasked with protecting sensitive information or valuable products, a security system is paramount. There are so many potential weaknesses that criminals can exploit. Access control is the only and best way to ensure that infrastructure and data are protected. A tailored approach to access control provides solutions to […]

5 Security Factors to Consider to Protect Your Business

Every asset or piece of information that leaks from your business represents a loss. In many cases, employees are responsible for these thefts. You also have to consider the integrity of one-off or occasional visitors when protecting valuable products or data. Creating security protocols that are robust is challenging. There are so many factors to […]

Everything About Access Control Credentials

Access control credentials link the user to the action. You can determine levels of authorization based on several factors. Restrictions are typically based on security considerations. For instance, you wouldn’t grant access to server rooms to just any employee or visitor. Choosing the right access method for each area according to credentials is important. Consider […]

Importance of Access Control Systems

When you run a business, controlling access encompasses a range of physical areas and computerized processes. Managing the associated tasks and roles involved in maintaining security is always challenging. A people-focused approach leaves too much room for error or compromise. Automated systems can eliminate all these issues. There are several solutions that access control systems […]

Why Choose Smart Security to Protect Your Home

Have you ever heard a home alarm sounding off for hours on end? You may have a neighbor who is at work or on holiday, oblivious to a potential break in. Without well-meaning intervention from members of the community, this type of security system is nothing but a nuisance. Alarm systems that cannot alert homeowners […]

Benefits of Access Control for Small Businesses

Traditionally, physical keys provided an effective solution for securing business premises. You could choose the right locks for every access point, ensuring that products and sensitive information were protected. Unfortunately, multiple locks usually necessitate an equal or greater number of keys. This can result in several issues concerning access to secure areas. Employees may share […]

What to Look for in CCTV Systems

The nature of your business and industry can dictate security solutions. As such, choosing the right CCTV system is essential. There is an expansive range of equipment on the market from which to choose. It is therefore important to carefully consider your security needs and available budget before making a purchase. CCTV Locations You may […]

Advantages of Cloud Video Storage

DVR and NVR surveillance systems are no longer dominating the commercial security market. More businesses are turning to cloud video storage for security solutions. Part of the reason is reduced reliance on hardware such as hard drives and servers. Cloud hosting simply negates the need and expense associated with physical storage equipment. Besides the physical […]