smart home technology to protect your home

Why Choose Smart Security to Protect Your Home

Have you ever heard a home alarm sounding off for hours on end? You may have a neighbor who is at work or on holiday, oblivious to a potential break in. Without well-meaning intervention from members of the community, this type of security system…
Employee using access control to get into building

Benefits of Access Control for Small Businesses

Traditionally, physical keys provided an effective solution for securing business premises. You could choose the right locks for every access point, ensuring that products and sensitive information were protected. Unfortunately, multiple…
Group of people planning their commercial security

What to Look for in CCTV Systems

The nature of your business and industry can dictate security solutions. As such, choosing the right CCTV system is essential. There is an expansive range of equipment on the market from which to choose. It is therefore important to carefully…
Photo of floppy disk to a CD to a thumb drive to video cloud storage4

Advantages of Cloud Video Storage

DVR and NVR surveillance systems are no longer dominating the commercial security market. More businesses are turning to cloud video storage for security solutions. Part of the reason is reduced reliance on hardware such as hard drives and servers.…
a cloud-based access control system

5 Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control

Access control is a security technology that has been around for decades with the purpose of preventing unauthorized access to buildings or specific areas of a site. Not only does this technology allow businesses to manage the entry and exit…
Video surveillance camera with video analytics
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3 Benefits of Incorporating Analytics in Video Surveillance Systems

Security systems have seen various upgrades in the last few years. As our technology has advanced, we have seen all kinds of new features and software become available for businesses. One feature that has made a massive impact in changing how…
A commercial Security system
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4 Essential Pieces of a Commercial Security System

A commercial security system is one of the first investments all business owners should take into consideration. These systems play a significant role in how businesses operate and ultimately mean more for security at your location besides just…
A business security system

Improving Business Security Systems

Business security is not something that can be taken lightly. From the various technology options to managing the physical aspects of your building’s security, simple upgrades to both the interior and the exterior portions of your security…
A woman using home automation

How Home Automation Can Help Busy Parents

Being a parent can be one of the most demanding jobs out there. While raising a child is a lot of work, it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences as you watch them grow. Thankfully, with advances in modern technology, we have more…
A woman activating a home security system
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8 Reasons to Invest in Home Security

Home security has become increasingly popular over the years. As technology has developed and become more accessible, more homeowners are looking to add additional layers of security to help protect their homes and families. No matter what your…
A business video surveillance system
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7 Reasons to Install a Business Video Surveillance System

When considering a business video surveillance system, many factors should be considered in making your decision. Each of these factors will aid in the design, acquisition, installation, and service of your system. We’re sharing some of the…
Group of people planning their commercial security

3 Essential Questions to Ask About Your Commercial Security

Every day, the world around us changes, and with those changes come new changes to commercial security needs. As you evaluate the status of your business’ security, there are three questions that every business owner should ask themselves…