A man using access control credentials

4 Types of Access Control Credentials

Modern electronic access control systems, whether on-premises or cloud-hosted, offer a variety of ways to authenticate users and grant them access to a space. Credentials are typically classified into a few categories, something you have,…
woman using a home automation system

How Automation Can Help to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

It is that time again—time to make New year’s resolutions and then feel horrible when you break them a week later. Let’s face it, forming any new habit is a daunting task, no matter how hard we try. This year, though, can be different.…
a cloud-based access control system

5 Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control

Access control is a security technology that has been around for decades with the purpose of preventing unauthorized access to buildings or specific areas of a site. Not only does this technology allow businesses to manage the entry and exit…
A commercial Security system
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4 Essential Pieces of a Commercial Security System

A commercial security system is one of the first investments all business owners should take into consideration. These systems play a significant role in how businesses operate and ultimately mean more for security at your location besides just…
Video surveillance camera with video analytics
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3 Benefits of Incorporating Analytics in Video Surveillance Systems

Security systems have seen various upgrades in the last few years. As our technology has advanced, we have seen all kinds of new features and software become available for businesses. One feature that has made a massive impact in changing how…
A woman shopping for the holiday season
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5 Security Tips to Get Your Business Holiday Season Ready

The holiday season is back in full swing and for many businesses, that often means an influx of customers but also an increase in security threats. To ensure that your business is ready for the holidays, it is essential to take some steps beforehand…
Kids walking across the street practicing road safety

Road Safety Tips to Protect Kids

Schools are back in session and adults are returning to the office and getting back to their regular routines after a year spent at home. As people get back to their routines, it also means that more people are getting back on the road to get…
Group of people planning their commercial security

3 Essential Questions to Ask About Your Commercial Security

Every day, the world around us changes, and with those changes come new changes to commercial security needs. As you evaluate the status of your business’ security, there are three questions that every business owner should ask themselves…
A man preventing theft with a security system
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Why a Security System Means More Than Just Preventing Theft

A security system has become an everyday part of many business owners’ lives. While most people invest in these systems simply as a way of preventing theft, there are various features and benefits that many don’t think about before investing…
Campus security and overhead view of students

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Campus Security

The fall semester is back in session. As students and faculty return to campus, it is important to question whether your campus security is doing everything to ensure each student’s safety and security while they attend classes. Today,…

Home Surveillance Systems

WHAT IS A HOME SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM? A home surveillance system is a set of automated electronic devices that help to protect you, your family, and your property from threats. A sophisticated home surveillance system will keep you from becoming…
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Video Doorbell

One of the most exciting pieces of surveillance technology coming to the market soon is the upgraded, integrated video doorbell. Usually, a video doorbell is designed to alert the owner’s cell phone whenever someone pushes the doorbell. Normally,…