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Why Fire Drills are Necessary in your Home

Fire drill day was always an event in elementary school. With fire alarm sounding, teachers marched the children outside and lined them up against the fence to see how quickly the building could be evacuated. Everyone, from the youngest kindergartener to the eldest child knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Now, […]

Home Security Systems: Everything You Need To Know

Very few people say to themselves, “I want to spend the day learning about home security systems!” Until a break-in happens. And statistically speaking, it is likely to happen. 2 million home burglaries are reported in the US every year. A home invasion robbery happens every 13 seconds, roughly four burglaries a minute. Doing the […]

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Access Control 101: What You Need to Know About Security

Security, in your home or business, is about controlling access. Defined as the selective restriction to a place or resource, giving someone access control assumes authorization to use, consume or otherwise control the protected good. Whether you are trying to protect your intellectual property from would-be counterfeiters or you are trying to protect your belongings […]


2017 Spring iPad Mini Winner!

HS Tech Group is happy to announce that Alexander Santos of White Marsh, Maryland is the Winner of the Spring iPad Mini Contest. When the Santo’s were in the process of building their new home; their builder informed them they would be meeting with HS Tech Group to review their security and technology options. Mr. […]

6 Benefits of a Sports Simulator for Home or Office

From sports bars to little league to fantasy football, there is no denying that our culture adores sports. You can get a sports fix with live streamed updates, virtual sporting games, or through good old-fashioned pickup games. Despite this, it’s not always feasible to make to the big game, put together a pickup game, or […]

3 Important Security Tips for the Summer

Why do Burglars look forward to summer more than any other season? Summer is a time of year that is anticipated eagerly by many. When the weather is warm, children and adults are outside more, and people tend to keep their windows and doors open for longer periods of time. Adults often have more flexible […]

Summer Sales – Security Scam!

It’s important to realize that some companies work unethically in the Security Industry. They train college students to knock on doors that have security yard signs and use lies to persuade unsuspecting homeowners to switch out or upgrade their security with ONE BIG CATCH. They are not trained security consultants, and most of the time, […]

Upgrade Your Home or Business with a Golf Simulator

Finding time to hit the links is one of the biggest challenges to golf enthusiasts. Then there’s the added complication of getting a tee time that fits with your schedule. Even then, the weather might make play uncomfortable or impossible. Why wait for the perfect conditions to enjoy your game of choice? With the indoor […]