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When The Dolben Company teamed up with HS Tech Group, their goal was to offer unique spaces in the main building where residents could escape the daily grind and enjoy the property’s upscale amenities.

Crestron Automation System

Designed with simplicity in mind, HS Tech Group provided a Crestron automation system to manage a schedule for the building’s audio and video systems.  When staff arrives in the morning, they no longer have to navigate throughout the building to power up their entertainment systems. HS Tech Group programmed the assortment of TV’s and speakers to turn on and off at specific times. To help conserve energy; occupancy sensors were also installed. If one of the residents leaves a TV or music playing after business hours and doesn’t return for a period, the TV and music will power off. This is a relatively low-cost solution to save energy and extend the life of the components throughout the property.

Since connectivity was an important element, HS Tech Group chose to install a Ruckus Wi-Fi network. Recognized for its dependability, this system is designed to mitigate neighboring interference and improve the quality of the internet connection. Streaming audio and video sources to multiple devices can easily be achieved at any given time.

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