Apartment Community Receives Video Analytics Security Upgrade

HS Tech Group was contacted in late 2013 by a property management company searching for a security solution for one of their existing apartment communities. The Anne Arundel County property was upscale and hosted a variety of luxurious amenities.  While the property currently employed security guards and some security cameras, both were unable to deter or prevent the theft that was occurring.

After visiting the property and conducting a thorough site analysis, HS Tech Group learned that automobiles were being vandalized and people were gaining access to restricted areas within the clubhouse.  With the information we obtained, HS Tech Group was able to determine the type of system that could potentially eliminate or greatly reduce these occurrences.

HS Tech Group introduced a video surveillance system that employs video analytics.  The software allows us to create rules for the cameras, such as when an individual approaches a door or a vehicle enters the property.  This type of system can detect when movement occurs within the perimeter and transmit the live video instantly to the security guard and property manager.

This cutting edge technology allows us to design and engineer systems that are unique to each project.  Schedules can be configured; offsite monitoring can alert authorities and even communicate with the trespassers through a speaker.  This type of system often leads to fewer cameras and can reduce or even eliminate the need for a security guard.  Since the deployment of this system, there has not been another undetected or unresolved incident on the property.

For more information about video analytics or improving the safety and security of your property, please contact Mark Recene at 1-888-947-8476 or markrecene@hst-group.com