What is 3G and how will the 3G Sunset affect your Security System?

In order to explain what the 3G Sunset is, it’s important to understand the evolution of mobile broadband. It’s hard to believe there was a time when we didn’t have smartphones or instant access to information.  The evolution…
Video security camera with video analytics
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3 Benefits of Incorporating Analytics in Video Surveillance Systems

Security systems have seen various upgrades in the last few years. As our technology has advanced, we have seen all kinds of new features and software become available for businesses. One feature that has made a massive impact in changing how…
A commercial Security system
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4 Essential Pieces of a Commercial Security System

A commercial security system is one of the first investments all business owners should take into consideration. These systems play a significant role in how businesses operate and ultimately mean more for security at your location besides just…
A woman activating a home security system
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8 Reasons to Invest in Home Security

Home security has become increasingly popular over the years. As technology has developed and become more accessible, more homeowners are looking to add additional layers of security to help protect their homes and families. No matter what your…
A business video surveillance system
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7 Reasons to Install a Business Video Surveillance System

When considering a business video surveillance system, many factors should be considered in making your decision. Each of these factors will aid in the design, acquisition, installation, and service of your system. We’re sharing some of the…
A woman shopping for the holiday season
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5 Security Tips to Get Your Business Holiday Season Ready

The holiday season is back in full swing and for many businesses, that often means an influx of customers but also an increase in security threats. To ensure that your business is ready for the holidays, it is essential to take some steps beforehand…

Internet Speed required for Alarm.com Cameras

Your Internet Upload speed is very important for a reliable video connection. You must also consider all of the other devices you have connected in your home. Each video device connected such as a video doorbell, a camera and…

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Catch Santa in Action on your Alarm.com Camera

Wellcam – Peace of Mind While Your Loved Ones are Aging in Place

The Wall street Journal estimates that more than 30 million Americans currently care for aging family members who choose to live at home and the number is expected to grow.  Today’s seniors will live longer in old age than any generation…

Home Security Cameras – How to make them “Hack- Proofed”!

Home owners and renters are becoming more and more vigilante in protecting their homes and themselves.  These days security cameras of some sort are becoming a standard request with any security system.  Unfortunately, with the increased…