Video security camera with video analytics

Security systems have seen various upgrades in the last few years. As our technology has advanced, we have seen all kinds of new features and software become available for businesses. One feature that has made a massive impact in changing how video surveillance systems perform is video analytics. This technology has made it possible to analyze video footage and take a more proactive approach to security but also provides many other benefits.

Balancing Resources

For any business, security is an important aspect to consider. Investing in manned security can be expensive and leaves room for human error, and that’s where video surveillance with video analytics comes in to ensure effectiveness. With the addition of analytics to your system, you can rely on Artificial Intelligence to recognize suspicious events across your site that could be missed when there’s only a single guard on site.

Investing in video analytics also means savings and a greater ROI on security than just relying on security personnel. This technology will work to protect your business around the clock, and as it does, it will learn to continue delivering accurate alerts for security events.

Data-Driven Intelligence

In our modern world, data is a valuable asset for businesses. Whether you’re planning a marketing strategy or working with security to improve operational success, data will be essential to steer you in the right direction. Using video analytics in your video surveillance will automatically capture metadata points that can then be translated to report on key information.

Knowing your metrics can give you clarity on what areas of your security are performing well and what areas need more attention. Transactions, line wait times, heat mapping, store traffic, and more are possible to capture and analyze thanks to video analytics.

Prepare for Every Scenario

While it can be hard to know when and where things will happen, with video analytics, you can take steps to prepare to act on various situations. No matter what may happen, your security team can establish rules that the system will use to identify suspicious behavior and notify your team. This intelligent technology will continue to learn based on the rules that have been established and the feedback it receives, as it does, it will deliver results that are more and more accurate, reducing false-positive notifications.

This technology not only allows your security team to take a more proactive approach to their procedures but also allows authorities to act quickly when there is a security event. The addition of video analytics to a system provides a powerful forensics tool that can help accelerate search times and provide valuable information to an investigation.

Video Analytics and the Future of Security

Technology will only continue to improve as we are able to learn more through the years. Video analytics have already made a substantial impact on how effective video surveillance and commercial security can be. As this technology continues to develop, we expect to see even more possibilities for what these systems are able to identify and do to protect businesses.

At HS Tech Group, we are firm believers in taking a proactive approach to the security of your business and team, that’s why our team of experts design and install every system to meet your unique needs using the right technology to deliver a solution for the job. From video analytics from Avigilon to access control, we have the security solutions for each and every project. Discover the difference that video analytics and a security system from HS Tech Group can make and contact us today!