A woman activating a home security system

Home security has become increasingly popular over the years. As technology has developed and become more accessible, more homeowners are looking to add additional layers of security to help protect their homes and families. No matter what your reason for home security may be, you will want to ensure your security system is ready for the task.

Crime Deterrent

Most people don’t think about home security until a rash of crimes in their neighborhood forces them to consider whether they will be the next victim. This reactionary approach is effective only if you haven’t already been the victim of a break-in or theft. Instead of becoming a victim before acting, think preemptively about how you can protect yourself by installing a security system.

Frequent Travel

Despite the efforts to make it look like someone is home, if you travel often, your home is at risk for a break-in. The worst part? The crime would likely stay undiscovered until you return, and the perpetrators have long since fled the scene. Those that travel for work or pleasure can take solace in their home’s safety with the installation of a security system, especially one that is designed to alert the authorities when there is activity.

Poorly Lit Areas

Criminals tend to be opportunistic, a lack of lighting in your neighborhood automatically makes it an easier target for would-be thieves. Even though it is possible to ask the city for more streetlights or to install bright motion detector lights to shine on your property, a lack of lighting throughout the neighborhood gives intruders lots of places to hide.

Automated motion sensor lighting not only helps to light up your property, but it can also help with lighting up the areas on the sides, front, and back of your property. This is particularly helpful in regions where it gets dark early in the evening, or dawn doesn’t arrive until after the kids leave for school. Motion sensor lighting can ensure that people can see where they’re walking, preventing slips on ice or tripping on debris. Good lighting not only makes walking easier for you and your family but also makes it more difficult for intruders to benefit from the darkness.

Criminal Activity in the Area

There are great neighborhoods amidst communities where criminal activity is common. In these areas, home security systems can help neighbors become more aware of those who would cause harm to them or their property. If an alarm goes off, neighbors will also be alerted and can then contact authorities and communicate that there may be some kind of issue.

High Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums

One of the largest discounts homeowners don’t take advantage of are those associated with installing a home security system. Since these systems greatly reduce the risk of intrusion and property damage, insurers are willing to pass the savings along to the consumer. Some even offer a discount as high as 20 percent off your premiums.

Be prepared to present proof of purchase for your insurance company, as well as detailed information about the areas of your home that you’ve protected with the security system. It’s also worth speaking to your home insurance representative first, since installing specific additional equipment may help to lower insurance rates even further.

Protecting Valuables

Whether it is your grandmother’s jewelry or a brand-new videogame system, you will want to feel peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected. A home security system can protect new electronics, proprietary or personal information, and many other valuable items. Having video evidence of the crime can also help when filing an insurance claim or assisting law enforcement, should you find yourself in that position.

Protecting Children

The security of their children is often one of the top concerns for parents. No matter the age of their children, parents often want to know their children are safe in the home. Security systems that are connected to Wi-Fi and a smartphone app can allow parents to see when their children enter or exit, who is there with them, and whether someone is trying to gain access without their permission. These systems can even alert authorities in an emergency.

For older children who can understand the concept of home surveillance, it’s worth it to let them know about the system and instruct them on how to contact authorities, turn alarms on and off, and how to operate the system if an emergency does occur while they may be unsupervised so they can act accordingly.

Protecting Pets

The security and safety of your pets is always a concern. Simply put, they are part of your family. A comprehensive system incorporates fire as well as other life safety devices.  When connected to your system, these devices can make a call for help, should there be an environmental hazard, such as a flood, a fire, a gas leak, or another unknown hazard. Your furry friends can’t call for your help, but your system can automatically make that call and get the first responders on the scene promptly.  We can even note your account that you have pets on the premise and alert the authorities should we need to dispatch the Fire Department.

Get the Best Home Security System

No matter your reason for getting a home security system, HS Tech Group has the team of professionals to help! Our team meets with each of our customers to ensure we understand their needs and budget first before we design the perfect security system for their homes. From design through installation, we work with our customers to ensure they understand and are satisfied with their new system.

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