A woman shopping for the holiday season

The holiday season is back in full swing and for many businesses, that often means an influx of customers but also an increase in security threats. To ensure that your business is ready for the holidays, it is essential to take some steps beforehand to keep your business, employees, and customers safe. To help you get ready, we’re sharing a few of our favorite security tips so you can prepare for the holiday season.

Review Holiday Season Security Policies

It is recommended that a business regularly reviews security policies, this is especially important during the holidays. The world around us changes every day which is why it is important to review and update your policies as needed to reflect these changes.

With the typical increase in customers this time of year, you may need to adjust some of your procedures to accommodate more people at your location. This increase could lead to a security risk if you aren’t properly prepared. If you don’t already have them, take some time to establish security policies for the holiday season. Once you have figured out policies, be sure to review them with your team so that everyone will be on the same page, and everything can go off without a hitch.

Ensure All Security Equipment Works Efficiently

After you have established your security policies for the holiday season, you will want to ensure that your security equipment is functioning as it should. Take a little time to test all of your security technology and make sure that no holiday decorations will obstruct or prevent them from working as they should. Some of the equipment you should remember to test include:

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Smart Locks
  • Access Control Systems
  • Alarm Systems

Update Access Control and Lock Schedules for Special Holiday Hours

If you have modified hours during the holiday season, don’t forget to update your access systems to properly reflect these changes. Ensure that the employees that will be working that day can gain access to the areas that they need or that your business is properly armed and secured while the location is empty.

If you have a security company that monitors your business, it can also be a good idea to let them know your holiday hours so that they will know to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity while you are closed. This could also be a good opportunity to update any emergency contact information on file with your monitoring company if needed so that they can get in touch with you if anything happens.

Don’t Forget to Lock Up

While this may be the simplest holiday season security tip, it is one that you should never forget to do. Most often, burglars and other intruders, like to take advantage of an easy opportunity to get in and out of a location. By locking up before you leave for the day you make it just a little bit harder for someone to come into your business when they shouldn’t be there.

Thanks to modern technology, you don’t even have to be on-site to lock your business up either. With cloud-based hosting, you can access your system from anywhere and ensure that your site stays secure 24/7.

Upgrade Your Security

Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, having the right security system will make all the difference. If your system hasn’t been cutting it, it may be time to invest in an upgrade. At HS Tech Group, we’re here to help you find the commercial security solution that will be the perfect fit for your needs.

Whether it’s access control, video surveillance, or anything in between, our team of experts will work with you to design the perfect system for your business. Take the first step to protect your business this holiday season, and for the rest of the year, by contacting HS Tech Group today!