The holiday season a wonderful time for friends and family. It can also be a very busy and stressful time of managing a million details. Finding the perfect gift, keeping up with online purchases, welcoming guests, cooking, and more is enough to make anyone stressed and exhausted. In fact, managing the details of the holidays can become so overwhelming that they detract from what matters most—spending time with friends and family.

Don’t you wish there was some easy way ease the load and reduce holiday stress? Home automation technologies can do just that. Here are five great ways to use home automation to reduce holiday stress.

Let Guests in No Matter Where You Are

Managing the arrival of guests can be tricky. You never want to leave a key out where it could be discovered, and you can’t always leave work or duties the moment someone arrives. But leaving friends and family to wait for you is not a good option either. Whether your sister just arrived from across the country or mom stopped by from across town, there is no need to rush home to open the door. Simply use your smartphone and unlock the doors remotely.

Look Home Even If You Aren’t

One of the pitfalls of the season is the possibility of burglary. Thieves know that you are out frequently and most likely have plenty of new, still in box items in the house—something very attractive for resale on the black market. To reduce the likelihood of getting burglarized use home automation to look home even if you aren’t. Thieves are less likely to strike a home if they think it is occupied.

Never Second Guess

With all the details of the holidays crowing our minds, it’s easy for a few things to slip through the cracks. Suddenly you find yourself wondering if you locked the door, turned off that appliance, shut the garage, or set the alarm. With home automation, you can check the status of all of those things and make adjustments when necessary right from your smartphone.

Keep Deliveries Safe

Avoid the stress of package theft by using your doorbell camera and alerts, so you know when the mail carrier approaches your door. You can speak to the carrier directly to advise of the best place to leave the package.

No More Gift Spoilers

If you have children that just can’t seem to wait to peek at their gifts, you can use motion sensors and alerts to keep the gifts under wraps.

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