A commercial Security system

A commercial security system is one of the first investments all business owners should take into consideration. These systems play a significant role in how businesses operate and ultimately mean more for security at your location besides just preventing theft. With modern technology, there are various pieces that you can add to a business security system to have them meet your needs. Every piece of new technology isn’t always a necessity, but you will want to ensure you include certain elements in order to have an effective system.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance will play a key role in helping you or your security see what is going on around your site from one convenient location. Security cameras function as additional eyes around your business, helping your team monitor more than just one space.

The addition of security cameras doesn’t just let you watch the footage in real-time but it also allows your commercial security system to record and store footage that can be used later as needed. Whether you choose to store this footage on-site or in the cloud, being able to maintain records of day-to-day happenings will ensure that you have the forensic data investigators may need if a situation arises.

Access Control

Managing who enters your building or what parts of the building employees can access is another essential piece of an effective commercial security system. The extent and credentials used for access control will vary based on several factors, such as industry and company size, but proper access control will ensure that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas.

If your business involves customers or guests frequently coming and going, don’t forget to establish protocols for guest access. Establishing these protocols will help you have additional control of who is in your building and what they are there for.

Alarms and Sensors

Alarms and commercial security systems are pretty synonymous. For most people, when they think of a security system they think of an alarm system, but that should just be one part of any business security system. In order to ensure that your alarms accurately respond to situations, you will want to ensure that you have sensors on any entries and throughout your building.

Forgetting to activate an alarm system is one of the most common reasons security events occur. Intruders will often take advantage of an easy situation. Do what you can to avoid these situations and always remember to activate your system. Upgrading to a cloud-based system can also provide business owners more peace of mind as they will be able to check the status and activate their alarm system from anywhere.

Video Analytics and Monitoring

Technology has advanced to a point where we can do more than just watch security footage after an event has occurred; we are now able to take a more active approach. With the addition of video analytics to a commercial security system, video surveillance is brought to a whole other level. By using Artificial Intelligence, companies will be able to set rules for the system and then the program will be able to identify events based on those rules. Once set up, the system will use the established rules as well as continue to learn as time goes, ensuring that alerts are as accurate as possible.

Get the Right Commercial Security System

Every company will have different needs when it comes to their security system. Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, HS Tech Group and our tech experts can design the perfect commercial security system to meet your needs. After meeting with you, our team will work with you to design a system that will be perfect for your space while still staying within your budget. Whether you’re installing a new commercial security system or looking for an upgrade, start on the right foot by scheduling a consultation with HS Tech Group!