A business video surveillance system

When considering a business video surveillance system, many factors should be considered in making your decision. Each of these factors will aid in the design, acquisition, installation, and service of your system. We’re sharing some of the top reasons why business owners should install a video surveillance system. The prices of a surveillance system can vary greatly based on your needs. It’s important to identify your top reasons before you begin the process of selecting a surveillance system.

Preventing Vandalism

Vandalism or graffiti cost local governments and small businesses thousands of dollars to clean up, not to mention the downtime or loss of business during this period. Depending on the location of your business, vandalism can be a big nuisance. Most vandalism is conducted in public areas in plain view, which is why it is important to stop the action as soon as possible. Consider installing a video surveillance system and lighting up the area in order to make it more difficult for vandalism to occur. Investing in remote guard services that utilize audio and video systems to communicate with vandals can help to stop them in the act.

Reducing Theft & Break-ins

For businesses, a properly installed video surveillance system can not only act as a deterrent to crime but can also provide the video footage needed for the authorities in the event that something does happen. By utilizing high-quality footage, authorities can view facial features or identify individuals’ clothes or unique marks. Reducing the risk of theft and the fear of break-ins is often a main concern with retail businesses which is why video surveillance systems are incredibly important.

Cost-Saving Measures

Businesses that watch their bottom line are always looking for ways to cut costs. For some, identifying the amount of shrinkage or theft is just a part of doing business. Depending on how often this occurs; it may make for an easy decision. Most businesses will be able to make a decision to install a video surveillance system when they can calculate how much it will help them reduce their financial losses.

For businesses that utilize on-site security guards, a properly designed video surveillance system can be an effective cost-saving tool. Where a site may have needed multiple guards to properly maintain the safety and security of the business, by implementing a video surveillance system, business owners can better use their security team and help them more efficiently cover more ground.

Boosting Employee Productivity

Depending upon the type of business you operate, cameras on production lines or in manufacturing areas can help employees be more productive throughout the day. When cameras are added to the workplace, there is often a visible difference in employee behavior.

Beyond productivity, business security cameras can be an effective way to settle disputes, reduce workplace violence, and resolve conflicts between employees in the workplace.

Proper placement of video cameras outside the building can also help employees feel safer in the workplace throughout the day and when they are arriving and leaving the site. If employees are working shifts that start early or end late in the day, knowing there is someone watching out for them can help them feel safer and more motivated. Overall, the installation of video surveillance cameras, when properly designed, can improve the working environment for all employees.

Video Documentation

Most businesses require video documentation of events that occur on-site as part of the regulated business or for compliance purposes. These requirements will dictate the video quality of the cameras needed, along with the amount of how much storage there should be, and that the storage is retained on-site, off-site, or both.

Insurance companies often utilize footage from sites to reduce casualty claims. For example, in cases in which a customer or employee claims a slip and fall, or another job-related injury, video footage can be very helpful in determining the actual cause and how to move forward.

Customer Experience

If you have a retail location and want to provide the best experience for your customers; the installation of a business video surveillance system can easily help you monitor your customer’s experience. With a business surveillance system, you would be able to remotely monitor:

  • Parking Lots
  • Shopping Cart Storage Areas
  • Registers
  • Lines to Checkout
  • Store Stock
  • Store Cleanliness

It’s all about the customer experience! Being able to view the store remotely will give you the full picture, and if something is out of order, will allow you to make the appropriate changes.

Peace of Mind

Giving the manager or owner of a business the ability to remotely view one or multiple sites will give the peace of mind that everything is as it should be. Peace of mind comes into play when the security system detects an alarm, and the individual on-call can visually verify the nature of the alarm utilizing the video surveillance system. This can prevent a false dispatch and end up saving the company money from a false alarm fine.

Get the Right Video Surveillance System

Once you prioritize your reasoning for a video surveillance system, it will be much easier to determine the type of system and the requirements needed to get a system that will match your needs. At HS Tech Group, we take in all these reasons, and so many more, to design a system that will meet all your needs. From design to installation, our team of professionals use their expertise to ensure your video surveillance system is just right for you and the job you need it to perform.

Ready to make a change in the security of your business? Contact us today and discover the difference a video surveillance system can make for your business!