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Why should I consider video analytics for my security cameras

Unlike conventional video surveillance systems, which mainly rely on motion-based triggers, video analytics operate in real-time, effectively converting video feeds into intelligent data streams. Think of them as smart cameras that actively monitor video content, identifying and tracking objects, including individuals, vehicles, and other items within the video stream. This data serves as the foundation […]

Could your Conference Room use an upgrade?

When the time comes to upgrade your conference room and you find yourself uncertain about the next steps, HS Technology Group is ready to offer our support. Our team of experts can guide you in streamlining your services into a user-friendly system, effectively modernizing your outdated conference room into a state-of-the-art environment. Whether you wish […]

Security Cameras Do More Than Just Capture Footage

Security cameras have evolved into powerful monitoring devices.  Below are examples of how security cameras are used to track business activity analytics successfully. Tracking Occupancy helps determine total net occupancy on demand and can send alerts when occupancy is too high. People Counting allows you to draw a “tripwire” anywhere within the property to count […]

How To Protect K-12 Schools with An Integrated Security Strategy

Parent entrust schools to keep their children safe. This is a responsibility that school leaders must take seriously. Whether it’s a small urban elementary school or a massive rural high school, school leaders must ensure school grounds and buildings are secured.   Security systems must be adaptable. Below are just a few areas school leaders must […]

Access Control

Access Control refers to managing who can use and gain entrance into a particular space. There are different types of Access Controls businesses use. There are two basic access control types: physical and logical.  We mainly deal with physical access controls.  Physical access control manages access to an individual building, college campus, server rooms, and other […]

Wireless Network Beams

Do you have a location in mind where you would like to install a security camera, but you’ve been advised that it’s either too far or too costly to set up?  Since most security cameras rely on a network cable to connect them to a video recorder and router for remote access, how can you […]