Many contemporary buildings suffer from excessive lighting as lights operate at full intensity even when natural daylight is abundant in the area. This results in energy wastage, discomfort, and diminished productivity. Sunlight can energize the workplace but can also decrease productivity with glare and over-heating spaces.  Automated shade solutions are designed to optimize comfort and lower energy costs.  


Considerations should include technology, control, and fabric. With a diverse range of fabrics available, tailored choices for various rooms are possible. For instance, a conference room may feature sheer fabrics for meetings and blackout shades for audio-visual presentations


The integrating of motorized shades into any room introduces a host of advantages for your home or office. Instead of the manual effort of pulling cords and dealing with potential entanglements, you now have the convenience of operating your window treatments through a conveniently located wall-mounted keypad or even your smartphone.


Beyond the obvious conveniences, motorized shades offer energy-saving benefits. They can be programmed to automatically open or close, allowing in more natural light when desired and closing to conserve energy. They can seamlessly integrate with your thermostat, contributing to temperature balance in your home or business by adjusting the light exposure.


Moreover, motorized shades play a protective role by safeguarding expensive conference tables, office furniture, and flooring from sun exposure.  HS Technology Group is available to provide guidance and recommend the most suitable options for your space.