woman using a home automation system

The contemporary work environment has undergone significant transformations. Nowadays, businesses face an unprecedented need to prioritize the safety of their employees. With the widespread adoption of a virtual work presence, the challenge arises when there is no one physically present to welcome guests or address inquiries from delivery drivers.  Fortunately, technology is evolving to meet these emerging needs. When engaging with HS Technology Group you can rest assured their team is well equipped to offer diverse recommendations to address these challenges.


Moving forward with a video intercom, you gain the ability to visually see and verbally interact with individuals attempting to access your office before granting them entry. Some of these systems even offer the convenience of remote access. Through our mobile app, your guests remain unaware that the person they are interacting with is not physically present in the office. These systems empower you to unlock doors and receive alerts when packages are delivered.


Effortlessly manage building permissions by sending digital keys (QR codes) to your guests or delivery personnel. They can scan these codes to gain access to the building, and these digital keys can also control access in your elevators. Guests will only be allowed to access the specific floor you have designated for them.


These systems can be seamlessly integrated into most existing buildings and are adaptable in spaces with non-functional or outdated systems that no longer cater to your requirements.