A business video surveillance system

Parent entrust schools to keep their children safe. This is a responsibility that school leaders must take seriously.

Whether it’s a small urban elementary school or a massive rural high school, school leaders must ensure school grounds and buildings are secured.   Security systems must be adaptable.

Below are just a few areas school leaders must concentrate on:

  • A dependable front office access control system to monitor who’s coming and going.
  • Assign faculty individual badges, key fobs, or user codes that can be used to access specific buildings and get notified if someone enters a restricted area. User codes can be assigned in bulk and set to expire at specific preset days or times.
  • A 24/7 surveillance system so someone can continuously monitor school grounds.
  • Set virtual tripwires that notify you any time someone enters or exits the school property.  This includes sports fields and parking lots.
  • Get alerted if a student sneaks out a back door or a visitor tries to come in without reporting to the office.

You can combine video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection into one intuitive interface and do it remotely from anywhere, anytime with an easy-to-use app.