A business video surveillance system

Unlike conventional video surveillance systems, which mainly rely on motion-based triggers, video analytics operate in real-time, effectively converting video feeds into intelligent data streams. Think of them as smart cameras that actively monitor video content, identifying and tracking objects, including individuals, vehicles, and other items within the video stream. This data serves as the foundation for executing various actions, such as alerting security personnel or enhancing the quality of video recordings. Video analytics also streamline the process of reviewing extensive surveillance footage by pinpointing relevant incidents.


For instance, you can configure line-crossing events that trigger notifications when a person or vehicle enters or exits from a specific location at a particular date and time. Additionally, you can track whether an object is removed from a designated area. The adoption of video analytics enhances the efficiency of your security monitoring procedures and reduces the workload on management staff. When integrated with a video management system (VMS), you can establish even more rules for specific cameras to alert security personnel to specific events of interest.