Access control as part of security surveillance

Most businesses work within fine margins, budgeting is a task that many business owners are faced with, as deciding where your budget will be applied can be a daunting task. It is important to dedicate part of your budget to security for your business as poor security and technology can result in avoidable losses from theft and unnecessary energy use. There are affordable and effective solutions from HS Tech Group.

We will meet your business needs where you are. Whether you are operating a company from home or have physical premises, our services offer advanced security. It is important to assess any potential risks before implementing the right security technologies. 

Our security technologies are adaptable, allowing you to integrate access control, cameras, audio, lighting, and remote controls. We also offer conversing and cloud-hosting telephony services to help you improve business productivity. 

Advanced Access Control

Each area of your premises is likely designed to facilitate certain roles or activities. When you have valuable products or information to protect, controlling access is essential. At HS Tech Group, we can provide access control solutions that prevent unauthorized entry to secure areas. 

With our technological innovations, businesses are also able to receive alerts and reports on access activities. If an unauthorized person tries to access a restricted zone, our security products and services will sound an alarm. 

Video & Audio Surveillance

Using video and audio surveillance can provide additional security. Visible cameras are often a deterrent but are also useful in recording evidence of criminality. Real-time alerts ensure that law enforcement is contacted whenever there is a breach. 

With modern technology, you can view live streams of your security feeds. Business owners will always have access to video and audio, providing insight into day-to-day activities on the floor and around your property. With self-learning innovations, your security system can also make automatic improvements in identifying threats. 

Lighting Control

Energy costs are a concern for most businesses. While it is ideal to have vulnerable areas well-lit, this additional cost is unnecessary most of the time. The solution is installing controlled lighting with presets, zoning, and movement activation. You can reduce electricity consumption without compromising security. 

Lighting provides safety for employees and visitors to your business. Dark areas can hide potential trip and fall hazards. Serious injuries that result from an avoidable accident may leave you liable for the injured party’s losses and damages. 

Remote Access to Your Business

The landscape of business operations and management is rapidly changing. With more people working from home, the ability to remotely control security and access is crucial. The team at HS Tech Group can provide guidance and recommendations on the most appropriate security solutions for your company or organization. 

We promote the integration of advanced technologies that improve security and make your premises more energy efficient. Preventing criminality, accidents, and energy loss are just some of the benefits of our products and services. We can also provide lighting installations that create a more ambient environment for workers and customers. 

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