a cloud-based access control system

Access control is a security technology that has been around for decades with the purpose of preventing unauthorized access to buildings or specific areas of a site. Not only does this technology allow businesses to manage the entry and exit of people to their location, but it also serves as a safety measure to protect people and equipment. For the most part, access control has been used mostly through on-site servers and computers, but many systems are now changing to cloud-based access control systems for added flexibility among other advantages.

Convenient System Access

With a cloud-based access system, system admins can access their systems from any location using a secure login. Not only can you access the system from anywhere, but you can also access it using a browser or even a smartphone. This convenient access allows system administrators to inspect their system for things such as unlocked doors and correct the issue without having to return to the site.

Optimized Security

Unlike on-site access control, when using a cloud-based access control system it becomes easier to manage and monitor several locations from a single device. Having one central system also makes it easier to upgrade or integrate new security solutions into your system as all information can be pushed through the cloud instead of updating multiple devices individually.

Easily Add or Remove Features

When using standard on-site systems, there are often many fees associated with upgrading your system. With a cloud-based system, you won’t have to worry about yearly update costs and can decide what features to add or remove as needed for your business. This flexibility allows businesses to customize their systems to meet their needs to match the circumstances or the growth of their business.

Reduced Costs

Beyond administrative and facility management benefits, investing in a cloud-based access control system can also help reduce some of the financial costs associated with commercial security. By switching to a cloud-based system, you will no longer have to worry about the expenses and power needed to store hardware and servers on-site. Using cloud-based systems also means that you won’t have to invest in the high-spec computers or specific software that are often required to run an access control system.

System Reliability

The benefit of running a cloud-based access control system means you often have fail-safes from server failures. With cloud-based hosting, systems are often stored through multiple remote servers. Meaning that if one server were to ever go down, your system could still be accessed and function through another server. Having a hosted access control system can also provide your team with additional outside support should any issues arise.

Make the Switch to Cloud-Based Access Control

Making the switch to cloud-based access control is easy with HS Tech Group. Our team of experts will meet with your team to find out what your needs are and work with you to design the system that will meet all of them while staying within your budget. No matter the size of your business, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the cloud-based access control system that will be right for you.

In addition to cloud-based hosting, HS Tech Group can also help to manage your company’s access control system. Enjoy all the advantages of cloud-based hosting with the added advantage of a team of professionals ready to offer remote support for your system. There is no better time to start enjoying the benefits of cloud-based access control. Contact our team today and discover the difference a cloud-based system can have on your company’s security!