Someone swiping their access control key card

Every asset or piece of information that leaks from your business represents a loss. In many cases, employees are responsible for these thefts. You also have to consider the integrity of one-off or occasional visitors when protecting valuable products or data.

Creating security protocols that are robust is challenging. There are so many factors to consider, which can lead to businesses missing crucial flaws. If you are concerned about implementing rules and systems to protect your most valuable assets, reach out to HS Tech Group for a security consultation.

Access Control

If you don’t have access control, the risk of a security breach is at the highest level. Free movement of people and information is never secure. In the past, businesses used physical keys to control access. This approach is flawed because there is no traceable footprint. Keys can change hands multiple times a day with no way of recording those key interactions.

By making the switch to access control you are not only installing top notch security, but you are instilling sense of accountability within your employees. If an employee decides to give their key card to someone else to access something they are not cleared to access, then they employee that shared their keycard must know that they are the one that is going to have to take responsibility if there is a serious breach in security.


What you see is a key component of security. Blind spots, whether physical or digital, can allow criminals to operate in secrecy. Cameras can put a spotlight on vulnerable areas, allowing businesses to keep track of any movements on their premises. Similarly, it is important to protect data by hiding sensitive information behind multiple layers of security. It’s like the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and HS Tech Group will ensure that the picture from your commercial video system is sending a clear message.

Security Protocols

Every business has different needs when it comes to security. You need to consider which physical or digital assets need to be protected. Security protocols are designed to ensure that access is restricted in ways that are appropriate and aligned with business objectives. This is achievable for an individual, specific roles, or at a departmental level.

Remote Control

Businesses can benefit from remote controls in several aspects of everyday operations. Whether you are onsite or working from home, live feeds provide access to any camera. You can also receive reports related to security interactions on your premises or digital activities. Using any device, business managers are able to keep track of the comings and goings of employees and visitors.

Employee Training

You can implement the best security systems and protocols in the world, but lax behaviors can leave your business assets at risk. Training employees and reinforcing the importance of security is crucial. This includes rules surrounding the control of access, password sharing, exchanging of swipe cards and other breaches that can compromise physical and digital assets.

HS Tech Group Consultation

The team at HS Tech Group is equipped to help you overcome most security challenges. We provide integration of all your systems and protocols. When your business is secure, you can concentrate on what matters. Employees feel safer and visitors are less likely to breach unauthorized areas or gain access to sensitive data.

If you are struggling with security issues, contact HS Tech Group today. We have a track record of helping companies just like yours to create solutions. Our approach is based on a long history of delivering for clients. Reach out for a consultation to learn more about our unique approach to access control.