Nobody ever thinks that their home will ever be a target of a burglary. It is just something that happens on television or to the house down the street, but never ours. However, a burglary happens every 15 seconds somewhere in the United States every day. That means that in the span of a typical commercial two burglaries occurred and the lives of two families violated and put in jeopardy. And it very well could happen to us.

One of the contributing factors to a successful burglary is the occupants of the home works under the false security of believing it could not happen to them. This leads to failing to use any or using less than effective burglar deterrents. To help you avoid this critical mistake, we have assembled a list of deterrents that make even professional thieves think twice as well as a list of what just doesn’t work.

What Works

  • Visible door and window locks. Sturdy locks indicate you likely have other security features in place.
  • Locking your doors. It may seem obvious, but many people forget to lock their doors at least occasionally.
  • Getting a security check. Have a professional, such as your local law enforcement agency, look over your property and provide security insights.
  • Install motion-activated lights outside. No burglar wants to get caught.
  • Get a home security system. Opt into as many security elements as possible such as motion and glass break sensors, as well as security cameras to add layers of security.

Burglar Deterrents that Fall Short

  • Using alarm company signs. Burglars are savvy and can spot a fake one immediately.
  • Leaving the lights on. Anything that remains static, whether it is having the light on or off for an extended time, is a signal that you are not home.
  • Suspending mail or paper delivery. Any changes to your regular activities can signal opportunity to a burglar.
  • Hiding valuables. Burglars know every trick in the book, and hiding valuables may only slow them down for a moment.
  • Getting a dog. Having a dog does provide some deterrence but should not be used and the only or main deterrent. Dogs can be distracted, or worse, harmed in the course of a burglary.

A burglar takes more than possessions when they break into your home. They take your peace of mind. When you are considering your plan to protect your home, choose deterrents that work. HS Tech Group brings peace of mind in ways you never thought possible with advanced, interactive security.