The topic of home security is a serious one by nature and becomes more serious when we talk about real life applications. An example of this is in the area of home security safety planning in cases of domestic violence. Domestic violence isn’t something that receives a lot of attention in the news, and not something people talk about openly or frequently. Maybe it’s time to change that.

It is difficult to know exactly how many people are affected by domestic violence as in many cases it goes undetected and plays out in secret. However, we do know that since the year 2000 over 20,000 women in the United States have been killed by their domestic partners. Many times, those deaths could have been prevented with proper safety planning and support.

Escaping Domestic Violence is Not Easy, but it is Possible

One of the most dangerous times of any relationship involving domestic violence is the process of escaping. Those trying to leave a volatile relationship should do so cautiously and have a plan. To help develop a safety plan and put resources in place, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. Even researching domestic violence can increase the risk, so it is important to delete phone and computer histories or call or research from outside the home from public phones and computers.

Statistics Show Increased Risk

Many people believe that once someone leaves a domestic violence situation that the risk has decreased or ceased altogether. Statistics show otherwise. In actuality, the rate of violence, injury and death increases in the time right after a person leaves.

Incorporating Home Security and Home Automation in Your Safety Practices

Experts in domestic violence recommend that those leaving or having recently left a DV relationship implement safety practices and tools into their daily lives. Home security and home automation can play an important role in maintaining your safety. Here are some ways home security technologies can enhance your safety plan strategies.

Create layers of security starting at the edge of your property with motion sensor lighting, fencing, and locking gates.

If you have a garage, be sure to include it in your security system. Use home automation always to be sure the door is closed.

Use motion sensors throughout the home and set up alerts so that you will know if there is unusual activity.

Use motion sensors on your windows.

Before you open the door, check to see who is there from afar, always maintaining a safe distance until the identity of your visitor is confirmed.

Use home automation to simulate your presence at home, concealing your routines.

Check on your home through the video feeds before you enter your neighborhood to rule out any unusual activity.

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