If you are raising teens, you know just how determined to get into trouble they can sometimes be. The moment you turn your back, they have some trouble brewing in a millisecond. When the teen has some time off from work and school, but you do not, it is a prime opportunity for things to get out of hand and for them to try to sneak in that unauthorized house party. But try as they might, they can’t get away with it thanks to tech savvy parents and home automation technologies.

Here’s how to foil any party from anywhere using home automation.

Caught on Video

If you suspect any trouble, you can always check in via your security cameras and remote app. Once you know what is going on you can let your teen know that you are aware by sending the photographic proof right to their phone. That should be some strong motivation to clear out the guests.

Kill the Tunes

What is a party without the music, right? Use home automation to kill the music and other home entertainment systems, and kill the house party. Before you kill the tunes, you can also send a message by changing up the playlist to something completely a lot less desirable.

Raise or Lower the Temperature

Your programmable thermostat can also be a great tool to help get things under control. Simply take out your mobile device and either raise or lower the indoor temperature to the point where it is uncomfortable enough that people move outside.

Lights Out

It is hard to have a good time with no light or lights flickering on and off, and hard to ignore the signs that it is time to end the party.

Lock the Doors

After you have made it very uncomfortable to be inside, the more determined partygoers may move outside. If so, simply lock the doors so no one can get back into the home.

Send a Message….Sound the Alarm

Another effective way to end the party is to sound the alarm. Partygoers will not know whether or not the alarm is simply sounding, or if it will alert authorities. Either way, they’ll figure it is a good time to leave.

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