Nearly every parent has had that moment where they realize their child is NOT in their room where you left them and the accompanying sheer panic as you run through the house looking for them. Even worse is when you find that in that half a second it took you to accomplish some small task that one of the kids has gotten into something they shouldn’t haveNo doubt about it; parenting takes and eagle eye, a sixth sense, and more to keep kids out of trouble.

No doubt about it; parenting takes and eagle eye, a sixth sense, and more to keep kids out of trouble. Today, your home security system can be the “more” in your parenting equation, and become your parental ESP, or better.

Okay, we are not talking “helicopter parenting,” or even “free range parenting.” We are talking about smart parenting that incorporates home security technologies into parenting. Here are a few ways you can meet some of the today’s parenting challenges using smart technologies to enhance your parental intuition.

Always Know Where the Kids Are

Whether you have a teen trying to sneak out of the house or a toddler trying to escape outside to play, kids seem to seize every opportunity. When you set up alerts for when the doors open, you can save yourself the moment of panic and know exactly where they are and when they got there, or head them off at the pass.

Create No-Go Zones

There are areas of the home that are notoriously difficult to childproof such as the garage or kitchen, and other areas of the home that are even more difficult to teen-proof, such as the liquor cabinet. When there are areas that contain tools, equipment or other things that could prove dangerous to your young people, you can use home security to monitor those spaces, or make them completely off limits. The trick is to use contact sensors on the on the doors leading to areas you want to keep off-limits, such as closet, cupboard, or cabinets. If any of the sensors are triggered, you can respond immediately.

Get Open Door Alerts

We go in and out the front door in what seems like a million times a day, and in that multitude of goings and comings, it is easy to forget to close the door tightly. It is a common and innocent mistake, but one that can have huge consequences should a little one get out, or a stranger gets in. When you use your home security system to send you door open alerts, you can get a reminder if the system senses the door has been open for more than 60 seconds and possibly prevent serious problems.

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