Video Analytics: Residential and Business Solutions made simple!

Do you want to know when important events happen, while ignoring routine movement around your house or business?  Then video analytics is for you!  Video analytics is a highly intelligent security feature that has the capability of distinguishing between people, vehicles and animals, as well as determine the direction of movement and the duration of activity, thereby alerting you when something beyond the norm is happening.  Combined with new virtual tripwires and activity zones, you can customize and control your video surveillance notifications!

Once a person, vehicle or animal is detected, you receive an enhanced alert with an image showing what was caught on camera. You only receive video alerts on what matters most to YOU. For example, when:

  • Vehicle Awareness: Know when a vehicle stops outside your home or business during the daytime. If a vehicle leaves unexpectedly overnight, ie from your business parking lot or from your home. Know when a car actually pulls into your driveway at night, not when it drives past your home.
  • Loitering: Get a video alert if someone lingers by your front or back door, but not when the mail is delivered.
  • Animals: Know when your neighbor’s dog has been visiting your lawn, Deer are eating your lilies or fox are roaming your property at night. Know immediately if your own pet is napping on the couch, but not when he is walking around the room.
  • Criminal Deterrence: When a potential criminal is casing your home at night and you’re either asleep or away, have your system automatically turn an INTERIOR light on instead of an exterior flood light, which most perpetrators would expect. Watch how fast they run from your property by fooling them into believing you are home and awake, even if you are not.

Take control of the security in your home or business with the latest technology.

It is that time again—time to make New year’s resolutions and then feel horrible when you break them a week later. Let’s face it, forming any new habit is a daunting task, no matter how hard we try. This year, though, can be different. This year you can make a small change that can support a network of other changes that can vastly improve your life.

Home Automation as the Flashpoint of Real and Lasting Change

Real and lasting change always starts with smart foundational changes. When you get the foundation right, the potential for change is limitless. Home security and automation technologies provides that foundation and can provide support in nearly every other area of your life. That means you can finally make those New Year’s resolutions and be confident you can keep them.

Common Resolutions and How Home Automation Technologies Can Help

Most resolutions have their root in several common areas, such as finance, health, and productivity. The problem most people encounter is that change takes a lot longer than anticipated, and difficult to sustain without helpful tools already in place. Home security and automation offer a unique blend of capabilities that can support the formation of new habits and lasting change. Here are a few examples.

Increased Savings—Everyone wants to increase their savings and improve their financial outlook. Home automation technologies help your home run at optimum efficiency, resulting in cost reductions in heating, cooling, and electricity. Those savings add up and are all achieved before any lifestyle changes take place.

Better Organization—Organizing our life is always a plus. Home automation can help increase your organization by helping you manage all of the various pieces of your life such as package arrivals, knowing the kid’s whereabouts, energy management, and security.

Improved Productivity—Increasing productivity always leads to other befits such as increased leisure time or improved earnings. Home automation can help you achieve more in the day by managing a ton of time robbing tasks as well as a tool to support other aspects of your life that will help improve productivity, such as lights and entertainment going on or off at certain times.

Better Health—How can home automation support better health? With all that organization in place, you have extra time to develop a healthy eating plan and increasing the time you spend in health activities.

HS Tech Group designs and integrates custom systems for homes and businesses that make life better.

Nobody ever thinks that their home will ever be a target of a burglary. It is just something that happens on television or to the house down the street, but never ours. However, a burglary happens every 15 seconds somewhere in the United States every day. That means that in the span of a typical commercial two burglaries occurred and the lives of two families violated and put in jeopardy. And it very well could happen to us.

One of the contributing factors to a successful burglary is the occupants of the home works under the false security of believing it could not happen to them. This leads to failing to use any or using less than effective burglar deterrents. To help you avoid this critical mistake, we have assembled a list of deterrents that make even professional thieves think twice as well as a list of what just doesn’t work.

What Works

  • Visible door and window locks. Sturdy locks indicate you likely have other security features in place.
  • Locking your doors. It may seem obvious, but many people forget to lock their doors at least occasionally.
  • Getting a security check. Have a professional, such as your local law enforcement agency, look over your property and provide security insights.
  • Install motion-activated lights outside. No burglar wants to get caught.
  • Get a home security system. Opt into as many security elements as possible such as motion and glass break sensors, as well as security cameras to add layers of security.

Burglar Deterrents that Fall Short

  • Using alarm company signs. Burglars are savvy and can spot a fake one immediately.
  • Leaving the lights on. Anything that remains static, whether it is having the light on or off for an extended time, is a signal that you are not home.
  • Suspending mail or paper delivery. Any changes to your regular activities can signal opportunity to a burglar.
  • Hiding valuables. Burglars know every trick in the book, and hiding valuables may only slow them down for a moment.
  • Getting a dog. Having a dog does provide some deterrence but should not be used and the only or main deterrent. Dogs can be distracted, or worse, harmed in the course of a burglary.

A burglar takes more than possessions when they break into your home. They take your peace of mind. When you are considering your plan to protect your home, choose deterrents that work. HS Tech Group brings peace of mind in ways you never thought possible with advanced, interactive security.

Nearly every parent has had that moment where they realize their child is NOT in their room where you left them and the accompanying sheer panic as you run through the house looking for them. Even worse is when you find that in that half a second it took you to accomplish some small task that one of the kids has gotten into something they shouldn’t haveNo doubt about it; parenting takes and eagle eye, a sixth sense, and more to keep kids out of trouble.

No doubt about it; parenting takes and eagle eye, a sixth sense, and more to keep kids out of trouble. Today, your home security system can be the “more” in your parenting equation, and become your parental ESP, or better.

Okay, we are not talking “helicopter parenting,” or even “free range parenting.” We are talking about smart parenting that incorporates home security technologies into parenting. Here are a few ways you can meet some of the today’s parenting challenges using smart technologies to enhance your parental intuition.

Always Know Where the Kids Are

Whether you have a teen trying to sneak out of the house or a toddler trying to escape outside to play, kids seem to seize every opportunity. When you set up alerts for when the doors open, you can save yourself the moment of panic and know exactly where they are and when they got there, or head them off at the pass.

Create No-Go Zones

There are areas of the home that are notoriously difficult to childproof such as the garage or kitchen, and other areas of the home that are even more difficult to teen-proof, such as the liquor cabinet. When there are areas that contain tools, equipment or other things that could prove dangerous to your young people, you can use home security to monitor those spaces, or make them completely off limits. The trick is to use contact sensors on the on the doors leading to areas you want to keep off-limits, such as closet, cupboard, or cabinets. If any of the sensors are triggered, you can respond immediately.

Get Open Door Alerts

We go in and out the front door in what seems like a million times a day, and in that multitude of goings and comings, it is easy to forget to close the door tightly. It is a common and innocent mistake, but one that can have huge consequences should a little one get out, or a stranger gets in. When you use your home security system to send you door open alerts, you can get a reminder if the system senses the door has been open for more than 60 seconds and possibly prevent serious problems.

From custom home theater and centralized audio-visual systems to interactive home and business security, HS Tech Group provides the latest and most cutting edge technology options to its clients. If you have any questions about home and or business security, automation, and electronic integration, please call HS Tech Group today.

If you are raising teens, you know just how determined to get into trouble they can sometimes be. The moment you turn your back, they have some trouble brewing in a millisecond. When the teen has some time off from work and school, but you do not, it is a prime opportunity for things to get out of hand and for them to try to sneak in that unauthorized house party. But try as they might, they can’t get away with it thanks to tech savvy parents and home automation technologies.

Here’s how to foil any party from anywhere using home automation.

Caught on Video

If you suspect any trouble, you can always check in via your security cameras and remote app. Once you know what is going on you can let your teen know that you are aware by sending the photographic proof right to their phone. That should be some strong motivation to clear out the guests.

Kill the Tunes

What is a party without the music, right? Use home automation to kill the music and other home entertainment systems, and kill the house party. Before you kill the tunes, you can also send a message by changing up the playlist to something completely a lot less desirable.

Raise or Lower the Temperature

Your programmable thermostat can also be a great tool to help get things under control. Simply take out your mobile device and either raise or lower the indoor temperature to the point where it is uncomfortable enough that people move outside.

Lights Out

It is hard to have a good time with no light or lights flickering on and off, and hard to ignore the signs that it is time to end the party.

Lock the Doors

After you have made it very uncomfortable to be inside, the more determined partygoers may move outside. If so, simply lock the doors so no one can get back into the home.

Send a Message….Sound the Alarm

Another effective way to end the party is to sound the alarm. Partygoers will not know whether or not the alarm is simply sounding, or if it will alert authorities. Either way, they’ll figure it is a good time to leave.

HS Tech Group designs and integrates custom systems for homes and businesses that make life better. For more information about home automation technology, please give HS Tech Group a call.

We all like to think that Halloween is reserved for nothing but fun for our youngsters (and the young at heart) but crime never takes and night off, even for Halloween. Criminals take advantage of opportunities like Halloween because most people are busy, preoccupied, and least expect to be the target of any crime. While busy events like Halloween leave the door wide open to crime, home automation can help keep the door of opportunity locked tight.

Even if the likelihood of a crime is low, if it happens to you it is 100%. That’s why Halloween is no time to let down your guard when it comes to protecting your family, friends, and property. Here are some easy ways you can use your home automation system to increase safety and deter crime.

Deter Halloween Pranks

One of the less fun aspects of the night is the increase in pranks. While the pranks may start off innocent, it can lead to more dangerous and costly vandalism such as egging homes and cars or smashing mailboxes. Reduce the likelihood of vandalism by increasing the likelihood of getting caught. Use home automation technologies and motion sensor outdoor lighting to keep the property well-lit and anyone near it in full-view.

Check Before You Open the Door

Halloween is one of the few times people open the door without question. It is easy to assume that everyone who comes to the door are just parents to rosy-cheeked children all decked out in their costumes, but that may not always be so. Before you open the door, check out that doorbell camera feed to be sure that all is safe.

Prevent Burglary

Halloween presents many opportunities to criminals, and one of them is being able to get a closer view of your home and property without anyone drawing any attention while you are away taking kids out in the neighborhood. To increase home safety, simulate your presence by using home automation to turn on and off the lighting, music, and television. The possibility of someone being home increases the likelihood of getting caught, which decreases the attractiveness of your home as a target for crime.

Check in on Your Home

Using home automation, even if you are away from home on Halloween, you can still check in and make sure everything is as it should be on the home front. Just tap into your app and the surveillance footage, and you can stay in the know.

Whether you want to enhance the security of your home or business or integrate home automation, HS Tech Group has the knowledge and skill to deliver the most advanced technologies with the utmost dedication to customer service. Call us today with your questions. We are happy to help.