smart home technology to protect your home

Have you ever heard a home alarm sounding off for hours on end? You may have a neighbor who is at work or on holiday, oblivious to a potential break in. Without well-meaning intervention from members of the community, this type of security system is nothing but a nuisance.

Alarm systems that cannot alert homeowners to a breach are at most only a deterrent. However, some career criminals are prepared to take the risk of getting in and out quickly if you are away from home. For example, it only takes 8-12 minutes for a professional to burglarize a property.

Smart security provides you with several ways to keep your home and valuables secure. With web, email, text, and voice communications integration, you won’t miss a thing that goes on in your home. This type of system has countless benefits for homeowners in Baltimore, Maryland.

Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts allow you to react to break-ins or suspicious behavior on your property instantly. You don’t need to be home to prevent a burglary. In fact, you can alert authorities from anywhere in the world based on automated alerts.

Most house breakers are aware of the advanced nature of smart security. With the prospect of law enforcement arriving within minutes of a breach, criminals will think twice about hanging around. A tailored smart system can also provide alerts that allow you to conserve energy while you are away from your Baltimore property.

24/7 Home Monitoring

The ability to monitor your home around the clock significantly improves security. You can watch for any individuals acting suspiciously, thwart attempted break-ins and ensure that teenage kids are not behaving inappropriately.

Parents can also monitor babysitters or nannies during working hours. Having the peace of mind of knowing your young kids are safe is invaluable. Potential abusers are deterred by the presence of an always-on security system in the home.

Interactive Security

Interactive security allows you to customize how your home is protected. At HS Tech Group, we work with homeowners to integrate technologies. We can link your smart security system to facilitate remote access software, giving you full control of your cameras and alarms.

Unique access codes can provide information on who is accessing alarmed areas and when. If alarms are armed or disarmed at unusual times, you have the access to monitor and control those events. The ability to control cameras and other security features remotely is also invaluable. Baltimore homeowners can rest assured that valuable assets are always safe and secure.

Tailored Smart Security Solutions

Every home and property is different in design and location. It is essential to design security in such a way that the most vulnerable access points are protected. HS Tech Group will work with you to prevent blind spots that could benefit criminals. We will also tailor the technology in your Baltimore home to reflect work and lifestyle needs.

Reach out to HS Tech Group if you need a home security system for modern living. All our technologies are tamper-proof and designed to protect the people and possessions that mean the most to you.