The nature of your business and industry can dictate security solutions. As such, choosing the right CCTV system is essential. There is an expansive range of equipment on the market from which to choose. It is therefore important to carefully consider your security needs and available budget before making a purchase.

CCTV Locations

You may need cameras in and around your commercial premises. The type of equipment you choose matters. Locations that experience cold or inclement weather necessitate durable outdoor CCTV equipment. The right mounting and housing can protect your cameras against the elements and ensure that the feed is clear.

Other considerations include industrial interference, noise and heavy traffic. Smoke can obscure a video feed. If noise levels are high, you may lose crucial audio. Heavy vehicles can cause vibrations that impact on video quality. You can address these issues by choosing the right CCTV equipment for the location and application.

Heat, dust and other elements can interfere with interior cameras. You may need equipment with different modes, such as infrared, to cut through the glare. CCTV systems that have built-in temperature controls are also recommended for hot locations.

Camera Coverage & Quality

Blind spots are not a problem that is exclusive to the movies. CCTV cameras should cover all areas of concern, while producing a high-quality feed. Some cameras have limited coverage, which leaves your business vulnerable to criminal activity.

You should consider whether you want CCTV to act as a visible deterrent to criminals. However, there are also merits to keeping surveillance discreet. Employee morale may suffer if your people feel like they are constantly being watched. Hidden cameras can create a more relaxed environment without compromising on security.

If you are installing CCTV to hold potential law breakers to account, feed quality is a crucial component. The ability to clearly identify people and vehicles could provide you with the evidence needed to pursue criminal prosecution.

Access, Storage & Integration

Advances in CCTV technology allow for greater access, better storage solutions and smooth integration. Physical video storage systems require ongoing maintenance, regular equipment upgrades and create an infrastructure footprint. The alternative is cloud video storage that is easier to manage and more cost-effective.

Multiple parties can view the same video feeds and recorded data simultaneously. Cloud video storage also enables remote access, eliminating the need to review feeds from a specific storage location. Software linked to the cloud can be installed on most devices, improving productivity and reducing downtime associated with traveling.

Connecting hardware and software may enhance your CCTV security and accessibility. From cloud hosted storage to automated lighting, there are several ways to link technologies. Consider how, where and when you need to access your video feeds. Integration capabilities may play a crucial role in meeting your security objectives – choose equipment and associated services wisely.

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