Naval Academy (Bilderback-Moore Navy Lacrosse Hall of Fame)

The Naval Academy’s Memorial Stadium has been the home field for the Navy Midshipmen since 1959.  In 2007 the stadium underwent a renovation that included the construction of the Bilderback-Moore Navy Lacrosse Hall of Fame.  Recognized for their 100-year tradition of Navy Lacrosse, the Hall of Fame committee worked tirelessly to ensure this project would suitably honor their past accomplishments.  Their vision was also “forward thinking”; they wanted a facility that would help attract tomorrow’s new recruits.

The Challenge

HS Tech Group first learned from the athletic department about the project after it was nearly 90% complete. Normally this wouldn’t be a concern; however, the Hall of Fame committee was insistent that our security devices not interfere or impede with the rooms distinguished appearance.

HS Tech Group was also able to convince the committee to include additional measures to protect their priceless trophies and celebrated memorabilia.  Many of the irreplaceable items reside in glass display cases surrounding the hall.

The Result

HS Tech Group was able to provide a discreet security solution that met the demands of the committee.  After securing the perimeter of the building, HS Tech Group also included modules that notify authorized personnel when there is a breach of security or unauthorized visitor activity.  Along with some other confidential enhancements, the project was a success.