Person using access control security system


A home surveillance system is a set of automated electronic devices that help to protect you, your family, and your property from threats. A sophisticated home surveillance system will keep you from becoming a victim in your own home. Contact HS Tech Group to find out more about installing a home surveillance system on your property today.



A quality home surveillance system by HS Tech Group offers myriad benefits to the homeowner. Once you have your system installed, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Deter Criminal Activity

Home surveillance systems deter criminal activity on your property by letting criminals know ahead of time that their actions are being monitored. Surveillance equipment like cameras can act as visible warning signs to criminals that they are being watched and videotaped. Criminals know that video can also be legally admissible to prove activity and charge them with a crime. As such, the mere presence of a home surveillance system can help prevent a crime being committed on your property.

Enhance Personal Safety

Affluent families often feel vulnerable against the threat of illegal action against them. Living under the safeguard of a quality home surveillance system by HS Tech Group enhances the feeling of personal safety for you and your loved ones. Your family will feel better knowing that your home is being carefully monitored and protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s no better way to protect the ones you love than with an automated home surveillance system from HS Tech Group.

Legal Protection

One of the little-known benefits of a home surveillance system is the legal protection it can afford your family. This is especially evident in the case of a liability suit against you or a member of your family. For instance, many affluent homeowners have workers in and around their property while the homeowner is away. This may include landscapers, painters, roofers, cleaning crews, etc. If one of these workers is injured, they may claim negligence on your part. Without the homeowner being present, how is it possible to ascertain for certain that the injury actually did occur on your property, and how can you prove that you were not in fact negligent? The answer is with a home surveillance system. Since home surveillance equipment can be installed indoors and out, worker movements can be recorded and used if necessary to defend homeowners against fraudulent liability claims.


Home surveillance systems also include indoor protection as well as outdoor. Your system can include monitoring equipment to keep an eye on home care workers, babysitters, cleaners, and children who are home alone. Also, if there is danger in your home like a sprung water pipe, electrical fire, or some other disaster, your indoor home surveillance system will be invaluable in enabling you to act quickly.

You have had that nagging feeling for a long time now that you need to ramp up your home security efforts. So, what is stopping you? A sign? How about seven?

Conclusion: In this day and age, a home surveillance system is a necessity, not a luxury. There’s no better way to protect your possessions and your property from criminal activity. There are a multitude of systems available, and you can pick and choose components to suit your individual needs.

For more information about the home security system that is right for you, call HS Tech Group for a free consultation.