Security surveillance in the work place

As we move into the New Year, you may be considering security improvements for your home or business. Criminals never take a day off and neither should you. However, there are ways to protect property that do not require your constant vigilance. Advanced technologies allow for automation and remote control.

At HS Tech Group, we take great pride in offering customers robust security products and services. From video surveillance to telephone conferencing, you can install technologies that protect and enhance security and communication capabilities. With the addition of integration, solutions tie together seamlessly.

Workplace Automation

Automated access controls eliminate the need for some security personnel. Swipe cards allow authorized individuals to enter secure areas without a physical key. All activity is recorded to prevent criminality and analyze access patterns.

You can also automate lighting to keep key areas secure and safe. Motion sensors will reduce energy costs, while ambient lighting can improve the mood among employees and visitors. Integrating lights with technologies, such as security cameras and audio, is also recommended.

Advanced Security Systems

The team at HS Tech Group can recommend advanced security systems that reflect the needs of your home or business. Through analytics, our surveillance technologies can self-learn and improve with use. We even offer shooter detection systems to identify and report potential threats that could result in fatalities.

Fire alarm monitoring and systems are essential safety features. Fire represents one of the greatest threats to premises, products, equipment, and life. Our advanced installations are designed to detect and neutralize these risks, in addition to ensuring rapid fire department response.

Network & Telephony

The speed and reliability of your network can significantly impact business productivity. Most computerized processes require a stable internet connection. Any loss of network access will result in costly downtime. At HS Tech Group, we offer reliable network services to our valued business customers.

Telephony and video conferencing still play crucial roles in many industries. You need reliable equipment and services to stay connected. Cloud-hosted telephone systems allow your employees to work from anywhere. With all the latest features at your fingertips, you will never again have to worry about inferior phone technology.

Smart Home Security & Entertainment

Smart home alarm systems are designed with adaptability and ease of access in mind. Interactive features, 24/7 monitoring, and real-time alerts are just some of the benefits that HS Tech Group offers. We can also provide access control and automated lighting solutions to increase security at your property.

Our entertainment products and services are like having a movie theater in your home. With an individualized design, you can build a system that matches your family’s watching and listening habits. HS Tech Group will take care of technology and integration to create a seamless experience at every level.

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