Person using access control security system

When you run a business that is tasked with protecting sensitive information or valuable products, a security system is paramount. There are so many potential weaknesses that criminals can exploit. Access control is the only and best way to ensure that infrastructure and data are protected.

A tailored approach to access control provides solutions to all your security challenges. No two businesses are the same. If you take a standardized approach to protect your assets and customer information, a breach is more likely to occur.

Guest Entry and Management

There are several factors to consider when monitoring, managing, and recording guest movements.  Name tags and lanyards are not enough to keep track of visitors. If access to sensitive areas is not controlled, the risk of theft and other crimes is significantly increased.

At HS Tech Group, we can provide solutions that ensure all guest access is closely controlled. The nature of each visit should dictate security protocols. You can use devices such as fobs or swipe cards to grant or exclude access to any area or computerized system. Time stamps and login details will also allow you to track the movements of guests.

Employee Access Control

Employees engage with most areas of your business. Unfettered access to secure areas and data is not recommended. By creating protocols that include access controls, you can closely manage employee interactions and movement.

You can base access controls on each role or create individual rules when necessary. In every instance, the specific employee is tied to their actions due to unique identifiers. Swipe cards are useful for recording access to physical locations and digital environments. If any aspect of your business processes is compromised, you will have a record of any interaction that led to the breach.

Electronic Security

Physical keys are problematic for several reasons. You can never be sure who is accessing which areas and when. The combination of cameras and sensors can eliminate any doubt when it comes to security concerns. You can see who is entering a specific area and physical sensors provide a digital footprint of those interactions.

Physical sensors are part of a robust security system. Businesses can closely control access to locations that present a security risk. Whether you are trying to prevent theft of physical or digital assets, monitoring and managing those access points is essential.

Video Surveillance

Real-time and recorded video surveillance can provide security and unique insights for any business. You get to see all the interactions in your corporate building. It is also possible to monitor behaviors that are problematic or suspicious. A live feed is accessible from anywhere in the world with the right technology.

The data recorded on a live video feed may indemnify you from liability in certain circumstances. Employees and visitors are less likely to engage in criminal activity when they know they are being watched. You need a company that can create an effective video surveillance strategy that suits your needs.

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