Many businesses and property owners find it necessary to monitor the vehicles entering and exiting their premises. Conventional security cameras are typically not equipped to capture the license plates of moving vehicles reliably. In this case, there are two primary options available. The first option is License Plate Capture (LPC) cameras. These cameras operate like standard security cameras, but they possess the high resolution, fast shutter speed, and headlight compensation necessary for accurate and consistent license plate image capture. It’s important to note that these cameras only capture images of license plates but do not actively read and convert them into data.


The second option is License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras, which are more advanced. These cameras incorporate specialized software and character recognition to actively scan and “read” license plate numbers, storing each number they detect. This elevates license plate reading to a higher level. They store each digit in a digital database, providing convenient access anytime. This significantly enhances the intelligence of your license plate reading system, allowing your security cameras to compile, organize, and even alert you when undesired vehicles are detected on your property.