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Unveiling the Top 5 Benefits of Alarm.com’s New Exterior Drone Partnership with Sunflower Labs

Last week at ISC West, the world’s leading security industry event, Alarm.com made waves with the announcement of an exciting new partnership with Sunflower Labs, unveiling their groundbreaking Exterior Drone. This collaboration between two giants in the security technology realm promises to revolutionize surveillance and deter criminal activity in residential and commercial settings. With its […]

How Security Foggers Secure Your World

In the realm of security technology, there exists a powerful guardian that operates beyond the conventional realm of alarms and surveillance cameras. It’s a revolutionary tool known as a security fogger, and it’s transforming the landscape of security systems across the globe. This groundbreaking technology doesn’t just deter criminals—it stops them dead in their tracks […]

License Plate Camera vs License Plate Recognition

Many businesses and property owners find it necessary to monitor the vehicles entering and exiting their premises. Conventional security cameras are typically not equipped to capture the license plates of moving vehicles reliably. In this case, there are two primary options available. The first option is License Plate Capture (LPC) cameras. These cameras operate like […]