Video security camera with video analytics

Deterring crime is one of the main purposes of commercial security. Cameras can capture crimes, help in investigations, and are used in prosecutions as evidence. However, it is important to ensure that your security systems are safe and secure so that they are a reliable source.

Hacking of security cameras is a concern. In many cases, commercial property owners purchase hardware that comes with default usernames and passwords and don’t update to personalized credentials. This can easily allow tech-savvy criminals to access your security system. The ability to manipulate and turn off cameras gives cybercriminals a dangerous advantage.

Internet Secure Cameras

The internet allows you to view live images from security cameras. There is also the option of remotely accessing cameras from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, this also leaves your equipment vulnerable to hackers.

In most cases, a breach of security cameras is due to using default login details. This information is widely shared on hacking sites. At HS Tech Group, we take care of all your installation needs and ensure that passwords are unique and difficult to crack.

Criminal Investigations

If criminals target your commercial property, having security cameras set up and running can aid in criminal investigations. High-quality equipment is often used to identify perpetrators. Clear images of an intruder’s face can help both ID the perpetrator as well as hold them accountable.

In order for a security video to be viable in court, it needs to be obtained legally, just meaning with a warrant. To best prepare for any criminal instance that may happen, it is best to have cameras that cover all areas of your property to make sure any criminal who trespasses has no getaway option.

Crime Deterrent

Movies show criminals as high-risk individuals who like a challenge. The reality is most burglars want to get in and out as quickly as possible and untraced. Avoiding the risk of detection is another consideration. Properties that are clearly secure are too much of a challenge for most criminals, and most of the time will back down.

The location of cameras is also important. Prominent cameras show that your business is serious about security. However, professional criminals are always looking for holes in your strategy. It is therefore essential to choose the right location and equipment for your commercial needs. But no need to stress about that, HS Tech Group is here to be your shoulder to lean on and guide you in the right direction when it comes to the placement of security cameras.

Customer Confidence

Creating a safe environment is vital not only to your employees but to visitors as well. Security cameras that are clearly visible and working add a sense of security to those who see them. You are more than likely to attract visitors to premises that are considered safe.

Customers notice the steps you take to ensure safety. Another step to ensure safety on top of installing security cameras is by utilizing lighting. Making sure previously dark areas are well-lit will allow for customers to feel safe and unwanted visitors to stay away since they can’t blend into the night.

HS Tech Group

The team at HS Tech Group can develop a plan to vastly improve your commercial security. Cameras will provide enhanced security when utilized effectively. We can consult with you to determine the needs of your business in Baltimore today.

Contact HS Tech Group if you are concerned about security at your commercial premises. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all blind spots are covered. Criminals will have nowhere to hide with high-tech lighting, imaging, and recording capabilities.