Employee using access control to get into building

Traditionally, physical keys provided an effective solution for securing business premises. You could choose the right locks for every access point, ensuring that products and sensitive information were protected.

Unfortunately, multiple locks usually necessitate an equal or greater number of keys. This can result in several issues concerning access to secure areas. Employees may share keys without permission. If a set of keys is mislaid, they could fall into the wrong hands.

As a business owner, it is difficult to keep track of who is using keys to access valuable products and information. You can use security cameras to monitor the movements of employees. However, this requires a proactive effort on your part.

Advanced access control can solve all these issues with automation and tracking capabilities. You have full control of the comings and goings of staff, visitors and vendors. You won’t have to monitor security cameras to gain key security insights. All alerts are automatic and available through remote accessibility.

No More Keys

Say goodbye to cumbersome keys with access control. Employees can quickly access authorized areas, without having to worry about finding the right key. All doorways are programmable, with security protocols in place that prevent the wrong people from gaining entry.

Replacing keys with access control will make your small business in Baltimore, Maryland, more productive. Reduced downtime is achieved through the elimination of staff having to wait around for a key holder.

Receive Alerts When Staff Come and Go

With key sharing, you have no way of knowing which employees are entering restricted areas at any given time. This is a huge security risk for small businesses in Baltimore, Maryland. Access control records all employee interactions with keypads or swipe cards.

You can use this information to improve security, monitor productivity and gain analytical insights into the workings of your business. Alerts and records can be tailored to the specific needs of your company or industry.

Ability to Remotely Unlock a Door for an After Hours Delivery

Being required to travel to your business premises for deliveries is a chore. This is especially true if those deliveries occur after hours. Employees who are designated as key holders will also need overtime for any out-of-hours responsibilities.

Remote unlocking gives you the ability to control access points, 24/7. With added surveillance, you can also monitor deliveries from outside vendors. This solution is more productive and cost-effective than relying on physical keys.

HS Tech Group Access Solutions

At HS Tech Group, we provide innovative access solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our team can help you integrate security, lighting, conferencing and more. Automation and remote control of all your essential technologies is a valuable asset in Baltimore.

If you are struggling to control access to your commercial premises, HS Tech Group can provide solutions. We have a commitment to supporting our business customers throughout every stage of the process.

Contact HS Tech Group today to learn more about the benefits of advanced access control in Maryland.