One of the most exciting pieces of surveillance technology coming to the market soon is the upgraded, integrated video doorbell. Usually, a video doorbell is designed to alert the owner’s cell phone whenever someone pushes the doorbell. Normally, a video doorbell sends a push notification to the user’s cell phone that activates a video and audio connection between the integrated camera and the smartphone app.

Useful, right?

Now, imagine if that video doorbell was connected to the alarm and lock system inside of your home. Not would you be able to have a conversation with someone on the front doorstep, you would be able to disarm the alarm and unlock the front door to let them inside.

Why would you want to do that?

  1. LET CAREGIVERS INTO YOUR HOME: From the dog walker to the babysitter to the medical staff ready to care for aging family members, an integrated doorbell can allow you to authorize the entrance of any number of caregivers into your home. Imagine reducing the fall risk of an elderly parent, trying to get out of bed to answer the door. Let your babysitter in to care for your children without them having to answer the door. Allow emergency personnel to enter your home when you are not there. An integrated video doorbell allows you to keep your family members safe, even when you are not there. Contact HS Tech Group today for information on the Skybell Video Doorbell. Also, watch the two videos in this post!
  2. MAINTAIN CONTROL OF YOUR HOME SECURITY: With the newest, fully integrated video doorbell the days of making keys and giving out alarm codes are gone. The ability to remotely unlock the front door and disarm the alarm allows you to retain control of your home security system. As much as you would like to trust that your housekeeper is maintaining positive control of your house key and alarm codes, a fully integrated doorbell allows you to keep your house keys and alarm codes to yourself while your home helpers still do their jobs.
  3. MONITOR THE COMINGS AND GOINGS OF HOME HELPERS: Best of all, you can monitor when caregivers come and go to ensure your loved ones are receiving the services you have paid for. A fully integrated video doorbell not only allows you to disarm the system and lock the door, but it also requires any home helpers to contact you to rearm the system and lock the door. This virtual time card can allow you to track the comings and goings of home assistants to ensure you receive an accurate accounting of their time.

You can currently add a fully integrated video doorbell to your home security system. Let HS Tech Group handle all of your home security needs with a Wi-Fi-enabled alarm system that keeps you in touch with your home, even while you are away. From motion detectors to environmental sensors, let the professionals at HS Tech guide you through the home security process. Call today for a consultation and to find out how we can help you protect your home and loved ones.