If you have a big home improvement project lined up this summer, you’ll likely be working with a contractor for at least part of the job.

A Smart Home Security system—a great home feature in its own right—is incredibly useful for helping this part of your project run more smoothly.

It makes things more convenient for you and your contractor, helps you stay aware of what’s happening on the project, and maintains the security of your property, even while there’s a lot of activity in your home.

Here’s how:

Smart Access – Convenience and Security

Your contractor needs easy access to your home, whether you’re there or not.

A “smart access” solution combines smart locks, user codes and real-time alerts on your smartphone so you can let a contractor in, no matter where you are.

You get the convenience of letting the contractor come and go, with the security of controlling access and knowing when they’re there or not. No more waiting by the door to let the contractor in when you have a busy day ahead of you and no more leaving keys under the mat.

You can use your smartphone app to let a contractor in remotely, or you can give them a unique user code that lets them open your smart lock and disarm your security panel when they arrive. You can set up user codes to only work when you expect the contractor, so you get convenience without sacrificing security.

Alerts Let You Know Everything’s On Schedule

User codes help you keep track of when contractors arrive and leave, providing a useful ‘log’ of time spent in your home. It’s easy to set up a smartphone alert that lets you know instantly when your contractor uses their door code.

You can also set up visual alerts with an image sensor, giving you a visual update of who’s on the job and when. If your Smart Home includes video monitoring, you can even view a live feed of your project as it takes shape.

If you’re planning a major renovation that will have you living elsewhere for a while, you can also save on your broadband costs. Alarm.com-powered systems use a cellular connection, so you can cancel broadband and still manage access to your home and use our image sensor.

Smart Home Security Provides Peace of Mind

A Smart Home gives you the ability to lock your front door (and garage door) and arms your security system remotely when a contractor leaves, restoring your house to its secure state instantly. And, when the job is complete, you can simply delete your contractor’s user code from your system, with no keys to hand back.

Happy remodeling!

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