From sports bars to little league to fantasy football, there is no denying that our culture adores sports. You can get a sports fix with live streamed updates, virtual sporting games, or through good old-fashioned pickup games. Despite this, it’s not always feasible to make to the big game, put together a pickup game, or sign up your kids for every sport. Enter: the sports simulator. Whether you install one in your home or office, there are many benefits to sports simulator.

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1. Improve kids’ health

During the school year, children spend the majority of their sitting still at the desks. As highlighted by The Mayo Journal Proceedings, a sedentary lifestyle causes both short- and long-term consequences. However, installing a sports simulator in your house allows children the opportunity for movement and the chance to stretch their muscles. Sports simulators improve kids’ health by:

  • Encouraging movement and physical activity
  • Increase endurance by throwing and kicking, throwing, or hitting real balls
  • Improving strength and stamina
  • Improves eye-hand coordination: especially great for younger children
  • Can be used for rehab from sports’ injuries

2. Offers safe, wholesome activity

Unfortunately, children, especially older teens, are exposed to dangerous or inappropriate situations in social situations. Sports simulators offer your children (and their friends) an opportunity to have fun in a safe environment. Not only are they having fun, but the physical activity helps release pent-up energy. Additionally, the sports simulator can be used individually or with a group. When offered in a group setting, the physical activity that a sports simulator provides can contribute to improving a child’s social skills.

soccer sports simulator

3. Great rainy day activity

Inclement weather can dampen outdoor plans quicker than you can open your umbrella. Whether you are planning a company picnic or a family outing to the park, a sports simulator is a great rainy day activity. This system is the ultimate weatherproof sports game; you can play anytime of the day – rain or shine.

4. Build community

A recent study from the University of Michigan revealed that physical activity increases the relationship between two or more people. With this in mind, a sports simulator installed in the workplace can be used for team building activities. Not only can families bond while playing, parents no longer have to yell about throwing a ball in the house. The sports simulator allows users to throw, hit, or kick real balls without the threat of hitting a window; this directs energy in a positive, constructive way.

golf sports simulator party

5. Improve skills

Whether you want to improve the speed of your pitch or work on your defensive hockey moves, there is a sport for everyone thanks to the great diversity of available games. Because the real equipment is used, users can perfect proper form while increasing the following skills:

  • Improve field goal accuracy: users are given distance, location, and speed data after each kick
  • Improve pitching: the speed of each throw is calculated and recorded
  • Improve goal frequency: Penalty Mode in the soccer game allows users to improve their one-on-one game with the goalie
  • Enhance skill level: graduate from rookie to pro levels

football sports simulator

6. Multipurpose

Unlike video games that only are capable of playing games, a sports simulator can also double as a media room. Whether you want to watch a movie or your favorite team or try to improve your own game, the HD images will immerse you into whatever movie or game you play.

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