Sometimes small things can make a huge difference in our lives. But because they are small and blend into our lives so well, we may overlook them at first glance. This can be true of video doorbells. Sleek and amazingly sophisticated, video doorbells offer a host of advantages that you just can’t ignore.

If you have never investigated the benefits of having a video doorbell, here are our top reasons why we love this technology.

See Who is at the Door

It is always a safe practice to keep a safe distance between you and an unknown. A video doorbell lets you view who is at (or approaching) the door from wherever you are so you have plenty of time to assess whether it is safe to open the door.

Speak to Visitors without Having to Open the Door

Having a 2-way intercom also offers some hidden advantages. Being able to talk to visitors means you can answer the door without opening it. Since you can talk to the visitor via a smartphone, you can answer the door from anywhere and never reveal that you are away from home. This provides an added measure of safety.

Track Visitors That Came While You Were Away

If a visitor knocks at the door instead of rings the doorbell, the video camera captures the image for you to view later. Now you can always know who has come by your house.

Offers Clear Views Through Night Vision Technologies

If someone comes to the door at night, it may be difficult or impossible to get a clear view of who it is. Video doorbells offer night vision technology so you can view the images in plain view before you open the door.

Added Security Camera

A video doorbell offers even more security when used with your surveillance system. The doorbell acts as an added camera which provides even more surveillance coverage.

Video doorbells are amazingly powerful tools in your security system when used to their fullest. They offer a tremendous amount of functionality and convenience in a small and unobtrusive device.

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