You probably have a smoke detector in your home, but studies show that most residents never give their smoke detector another thought. And that is not good.

Research shows that 3 out of 5 fire related deaths are a result of malfunctioning or lack of smoke detectors in the home. Surveys show that only a very small percentage of people who own smoke detectors know how old they are or when was the last time they changed the batteries.

October is National Fire Prevention month, and we would like to encourage you to become as informed as possible about fire and fire prevention, and want to offer these facts and tips.

Fire Facts

  • A fire can become life threatening in under two minutes.
  • It can become engulfed in under five minutes.
  • A home, lives, and property is endangered long before the fire is visible or noticed by neighbors.
  • Most fires occur when everyone is asleep, including neighbors who may see and alert authorities.
  • There is no time to gather valuables once a fire erupts.
  • Seeing becomes impossible as black smoke fills the home.
  • Heat and smoke kill long before the flame.
  • Asphyxiation is the leading cause of fire deaths, exceeding burns by a three to one ratio.
  • Fire can cause poisonous fumes which can cause sleepiness or disorientation, making it impossible to respond to the emergency.

Fire Protection Measures Make a Difference

One of the most important facts about a residential fire is that it is largely preventable. With the right tools, we can stop a fire in its tracks and prevent injury, loss of life, and the property devastation it causes.

  • The fire death rate is 51% less in homes with a working smoke detector than those without.
  • The more quickly help arrives, the less damage fire causes.
  • A smoke detector alone can only sound an alarm to warn you of its existence.
  • Smoke detectors used in conjunction with monitoring services can increase safety by increasing emergency response times.
  • Tools such as home automation can support residents in fire prevention by scheduling automatic or remote turn off of appliances.
  • A monitored service can initiate emergency services if the residents are not home or unable to call for help.

Smoke detectors play a critical role in saving lives and property, and this tool is enhanced exponentially when used in conjunction with monitoring services and home automation. HS Tech Group designs and integrates custom systems for homes that make life better. For more information about fire safety, please give us a call.