More than 70% of homeowners use their garage door as the main entryway into their home.

Shortly after the garage was invented, the development of the garage door opener followed. No longer a luxury, more than 35 million households use an electronic remote to open their garage door.

In 1992, legislation passed that all garage door openers must be sold with an external system known as infrared sensors or “photo eyes” to protect the path of someone or something in case a door was closing and they were in that path.  They would be detected, and the door would open (if it was closing). recently teamed up with Chamberlain/Liftmaster to incorporate their garage door opener system with the app provided by HS Tech Group.  For a very small investment, depending upon how old your operator is, you can now control the operation, open or close your garage door from your remote device using the app as well as receive real-time alerts when the door is opened/closed or left open for a specific period.

How many times have you wondered after you left your home, Did I leave the garage door open? Now it’s as simple as reaching for your phone to check the garage door status, and if it is open, press an icon to close it.

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