At HS Tech Group, we want you and your family to be safe. Therefore, we’ve come up with 10 security tips that you should know and subsequently implement if possible. Does your home have a security system? Even if you’ve answered yes, there is important information below that you’ll need to know. Without further ado, here are 10 security tips to increase your security presence:

Have a Professional Security System Installed

Protect all accessible doors and windows, utilize interior motions and or glass break sensors, and use Enhanced Call Verification to reduce False Alarms.

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Already Have a System?

Make sure you test it throughout the year, replace the backup battery every 3-5 years, consider updating your home security system to the latest technology. Also, make sure to have yard signs and window stickers visible

Does Your Security System Use a Phone Line?

Burglars are aware that the security system uses a phone line to call the monitoring station. They have been known to cut the line outside the home. Make sure to use a cellular backup or a primary cellular form of communication for your security system. If you do not have a cellular line, it can be added to your system. There will most likely be an additional monthly fee.

Go wireless by adding a cellular phone line to your alarm system

Double Check That You Armed Your System

Make sure to arm your system during the day. The percentage of overall burglaries per capita has been decreasing over the past 4-5 years. However, the percentage of daytime time burglaries has continued to increase.

Install Wireless DIY Cameras

DIY installed systems (such as Nest or Dropcam) are usually connected to the Internet and can send you alerts when they see movements and are very effective for receiving alerts. They require some wiring for power and need a very strong Wi-Fi signal. Arlo is an entirely wireless system but will require you to replace or recharge the batteries on a regular basis. These wireless cameras can be installed by yourself, or you can contact a professional security company to install them.

HS Tech Group utilizes the platform of wireless cameras which allows you to view a live video as well as play recorded clips for the past 30 days. It’s controlled from the App on your phone, and you can have the video image or clip emailed or texted to your phone. The system also knows if you are home (i.e., your cell phone is home with you), and not to send the texts messages. The system will send you texts only when you are away from your home, usually a mile or more (this is called Geofence Technology). Alternatively, you can have the cameras only work when your home security system is armed.

Professional Cameras are a Serious Upgrade

Professional cameras function a little differently. They utilize a recording device, whether cloud-based or on-site, called a Video Recorder, and they are hardwired to cameras designed for a specific purpose. These cameras can see in the dark, can capture license plate information, can detect heat patterns, can see smoke, and some have speakers and microphones so the monitoring station can speak to someone on the property. A professionally installed system designed for one of these purposes will provide video footage to assist in the apprehension of the potential suspect. These systems typically cost thousands to install (compared to hundreds of dollars for the wireless DIY cameras).

Create a Physical Barrier

If feasible, install a gate at the end of your driveway, it’s a great deterrent.

This is an amazing example of a security gate

Always Lock Your Doors

Make sure to lock your interior garage door at ALL THE TIME. It is a very easy door for a burglar to break into. Remove the pull string from your garage door inside, so the release cannot be circumvented.

These Go to 11

Make sure to have an exterior alarm siren sound loud enough to let neighbors hear, the older sirens used to sound forever, newer sirens timeout in 15 minutes. If you don’t want to do the sirens – you can always flash several lights in the house, this becomes annoying for anyone inside as well.

Knock, Knock

Lastly, add a new doorbell camera. This allows you to receive audio and video of someone that approaches and leaves your front door while you may not be home. offers the Skybell and is compatible with the HS Tech Group security system. You can also speak and see who is at your door when they ring the bell, and let them know you are busy and to come back later without letting them know you are not home.

HS Tech Group now installs Skybell HD doorbells