What Camera System is right for your home?

“And what the other companies won’t tell you.”

When deciding what to install in your home, many homeowners are familiar with what they have seen at a store or in an advertisement.  Camera systems vary in quality, functionality, and costs just as much as cars do!  What is the primary reason for installing your surveillance system and how much are you willing to spend to get your desired result?    For residential systems we offer two main options:


Uses your WiFi network in your home to connect to the Internet.  The cameras interface directly with the HS Tech Group app (which is free) for your Android or iPhone device. These cameras allow for 24/7 live viewing from a smartphone or computer on your HS Tech Group account.  They also will record up to 40 seconds of video when the camera sees movement or when an alarm is triggered.  These cameras cost between $200 – $350 each and you can install them yourself or have HS Tech Group install them. Some allow remote control of the viewing image by moving the camera left, right, up and down and others have a fixed viewing area. One model has IR illuminators that let you see in the dark. They require an outlet, so keep in mind, they will need to be positioned close to an electrical outlet, and you will see a wire. They are designed for inside your home.  This is the quickest and least costly type of installation.  Keep in mind these cameras have range limitations due to the fact they use your existing WiFi.  If you are a current CFL customer with HS Tech Group, the monthly service fee is included. Otherwise, there is a monthly fee to access your cameras online and for remote video storage.


Would be to install a true camera surveillance system in which the cameras are wired to a permanent recording device or a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) in your home. These cameras can record 24/7 for a week or months depending upon the recording parameters and the size of the hard drive.  The cameras come in all different shapes and sizes, and some can even capture license plate information. The video (Both Live and Recorded) can also be accessed by a separate app from a smartphone or computer.  A typical 4-camera system with hi-resolution vandal resistant domes can be installed for around $3,500 – $4,500.  Keep in mind, this type of installation requires hiding wires inside your walls as well as possibly running wires outside your home. The installation usually requires 1-2 technicians for a day or more.  Most companies think it’s okay to let wires run down your walls or arbitrarily drill holes to make their job easier, not us! Remember, security companies don’t patch holes or paint after they are finished, that’s why we do it the right way the first time and hide the wires. It may cost a little more to do it the right way, but we believe the bitter taste of a poor installation lingers long after the sweet smell of a cheap price disappears.

A complete surveillance system comes with custom wiring, cameras, a monitor, DVR, and software.  It allows you to view live and playback recorded video from a local and a remote PC.  The DVR will be wired to all of the cameras and stored in an inconspicuous area. The DVR should have a backup power supply.  It is configured based upon the number of cameras you have, the amount of recording you wish to save as well as the size of the recorded image files (which is based on the video compression used by the DVR). Again, it’s a professional installation.