Increasing home safety seems to be on everyone’s long-term to-do list but something we never quite get around to. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Improving your safety does not have to be complicated, labor intensive, or expensive. That is great news, especially if you want a realistic goal for the new year that will add a huge benefit to the whole family. So we want to encourage you with eight fast and easy ways to add security.

Change your Social Media Practices

You have heard it before, but chances are you are like most Americans and still post messages, pictures, and videos that compromise your safety unknowingly. This year, before you post ask yourself how much information does it provide and can that be used to jeopardize your safety.

Do a General Inspection of Your Home

If you have not given your home a thorough once-over in a while, a home inspection can do a lot of good and improve your safety. Go to the home and look for repairs that need to be made and test the condition of things like your plumbing or heating and cooling system.

Get Ready for Disaster

Thinking about the possibility of disasters like earthquakes, severe storms, fires, flooding or other disasters is not comforting but being prepared for them is. If you have not already, make this year the year, you make a disaster preparedness kit. Include food, water, clothing, medication and safety supplies enough for at least three days for each person in the family. You can check out the Red Cross or CDC websites for suggested supply lists.

Install Home Automation

Home automation is for a lot more than convenience. It can add a tremendous amount of security, too. With home automation, you can do things like look like your home even while away on vacation

Install Home Security Cameras

Being able to see your home remotely is beneficial no matter where you are. If you are inside, you can spot trouble outside, and if you are away from home, you can detect trouble and take action immediately. Security cameras are also a proven deterrence against crime.

Switch to Smart Locks

The front door is a burglar’s primary point of entry so fortifying it with smart locks makes a lot of sense. Smart locks allow users to have unique codes and get alerts when the codes are used, so you know who gets home and when. Also, if you forget to lock the door when you left for the day, you do not have to drive all the way back home. Just lock the door remotely and rest easy.

Get a Smart Smoke Detector

It is so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Smart smoke detectors never leave you without protection because they automatically test battery levels.

Increase Outdoor Safety Features

Make your home less attractive to burglars, vandals or other criminals by adding outdoor lighting, fencing, and security cameras. Trim back bushes, hedges, and trees to increase visibility and reduce the possibility of someone using it for cover.

With HS Tech Group, home security and home automation technologies have finally evolved. If you have questions about HS Tech Group can help you improve your home security this year, please give us a call.