Lutron® has been the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting controls and systems for 1/2 a century.  Claiming over 90% of the lighting control market, they offer shading solutions and have opened a new world of possibilities by seamlessly integrating electric and daylight control with a focus on innovation, world-class engineering, and customer service. Lutron blends technology with design and environmental sensitivity to provide the ideal solution for total light control.

Integration & Home Automation

Seamlessly integrate technology into your home. Lutron light control systems can combine with audio, video, security, and HVAC. From simple incorporation with a single system to sophisticated high-level integration, Lutron designs its controls to work reliably and intuitively with other systems in your home.

Commercial Lighting Control & Automation

Enhance your room’s aesthetics, reduce energy, increase productivity and save money.

The right lighting control system can help set the stage for a productive business. It can reduce overall energy costs, and studies show that a well-designed system can increase an individual’s concentration, reduce stress, and have a positive effect on overall behavior. HS Tech Group can design a Lutron lighting system and Lutron Shade solution that takes all these elements into consideration.

In most commercial facilities, lighting accounts for more than 40% of annual electricity usage. The usage is even higher for other industries such as healthcare and hospitality—and most of the excess costs can be attributed to inappropriate lighting levels, fixtures (especially now that Lutron LED lighting is available), or design. Our design focuses on increasing visual comfort and efficiency wherever possible.

Residential Lighting Control & Automation

HS Tech Group’s lighting and shade designs enhance a room’s aesthetics, reduce energy consumption, and save money. We take pride in designing sustainable systems for new construction or existing spaces that maximize available daylight while minimizing electricity usage.

Key Elements for Lighting Control Systems for both residential and commercial lighting control systems:

  • Green Efficiencies
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors
  • Keypad Design and use of Scenes
  • Integration of Schedules
  • Enhanced Safety and Functionality
  • An App for Lighting!

Green Efficiencies: The More You Dim, the More You Save

Dimming your lights is a great way to begin saving energy. Simply dimming the lights a mere 10% can save you 10% in energy costs. The “green” philosophy we have adopted is “use less, save more.” This reduction in light will go unnoticed—but won’t go unnoticed when you review your utility statements. And you’ll extend the life of your bulbs.

Since lighting generates heat, your cooling system must compensate for the rise in heat. A lighting and shade solution helps you manage this by simply reducing the amount of electric lighting or lowering shades during certain times of the day. In most cases the amount of light emitted while in use is far more than required, resulting in an increase in your utility bills. For those areas that still need some light, we offer a large variety of fabrics and materials and can customize the shade application to allow partial light or even darken the room.

Daylight Harvesting: Save More on Sunny Days

Daylight is another important consideration for any design. A key component that HS Tech Group can include in a lighting control system is called “Daylight Harvesting.” This concept is designed to automatically reduce the amount of energy being used to light a room when an ample supply of natural daylight is available. The more windows you have, the more you might save. Installing skylights and opening shades and blinds will help increase the amount of natural light, resulting in less need for overhead lighting. HS Tech Group can provide many alternative solutions to maximize natural light and incorporate the appropriate amount of light from the lighting control system as needed. Installing skylights and opening shades and blinds will help increase the amount of natural light, resulting in less need for overhead lighting.

Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

Additional savings can be achieved by installing occupancy/vacancy sensors. This feature will assure that lights are turned off when a room is not occupied. They are designed to automatically turn lights off when someone leaves the room and doesn’t return for a period—or turn lights on automatically when someone enters a room.

Keypad Design: Managed Control

With the proper design, HS Tech Group can address strategic areas that allow control over lighting throughout the entire facility. From one convenient location, staff can control multiple lights that reside at multiple locations. An “All Off” button can be programmed at designated exits to ensure all “non-essential” lighting is not left on overnight. Through programming, we’re able to achieve a variety of additional commands that can reduce the amount of “wall acne” found in most buildings. This is an essential component of each design. With our customized keypads, we can consolidate the various light switches, security keypads, shade controls, ceiling fan controls and more. What’s best about an intelligent lighting control system is that it offers the flexibility to make changes later—it’s simply a matter of reprogramming that load.


Integration of Schedules

HS Tech Group can incorporate a time-clock and astronomical clock feature that switches designated lights and shades on and off. This feature is based upon a preprogrammed schedule, so it knows when and where specific lighting is required. The astronomical clock is programmed to adjust for dusk and dawn. The system can be programmed to enhance energy savings during precise times of the day when areas of the building are not in use, or the facility is closed.

Enhanced Safety and Functionality

Lighting control systems can increase your facility’s level of safety by creating a safely lighted entry up to the building from the parking area. Our lighting systems can automatically come on as soon as you enter the building or while disarming the alarm system. The advantage is to provide a safe entry and allow people to feel comfortable when entering the building. Lighting is also a deterrent for potential intruders. HS Tech Group can program a scene that will provide the appearance that the building/space is occupied when it’s closed. This scene is programmed to randomly turn on, turn off and dim various lights throughout your entire facility.

Lighting Control App

With the convergence of computers and PDAs, most users of smartphones appreciate the additional control a smartphone app gives them. Lutron lighting control allows you to control your lighting from your mobile device. Just request this option when you inquire to make sure your application is designed with this feature in mind.

Good for the Environment – Good for Your Bottom Line

In a short period, your staff will not only enjoy their new lighting environment, but you’ll immediately begin to experience the savings your new system will bring. Be sure to research incentives you might be entitled to through state and federal rebate programs—as well as your utility company.

Case Study

Well-timed Lighting for a Baltimore County Restaurant

An HS Tech Group client was in the process of remodeling their restaurant. The client had utilized lighting control in the past and realized the long term benefits. After researching our Lutron Lighting Control system, he learned that he would be able to retrofit a lighting control system into his space by using a “hybrid” lighting system. The system was designed to offer all of the savings and control a standard lighting control system offers to utilize wireless technologies. The system utilized the astronomical clock as well as built-in timers to control the parking lot lights as it gets dark and interior lights for days when they are closed. The reduction in energy costs, the simplicity of having one switch at certain locations to turn off all the lights when they leave—along with interior dining scenes—really gave the owner more than what they expected.

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