The Benefits of a Lighting Control System go far beyond just simply turning your lights on/off in your home.

A properly designed Lighting Control System will allow you to remove wall clutter, or wall “acne,” conserve energy, increase security and automate your lights for your home.

It is one of the most import design elements you can incorporate into your new or existing home and is sometimes overlooked.

Lighting Control Benefits

One of the biggest benefits to a lighting control system is its flexibility. Lutron, Litetouch, and Control4 allow you to control lighting in several ways. Manually, by pressing a button at one of the decorative labeled keypads (which can have many buttons compared to the standard toggle light switch), or using your iPhone app to turn a light or scene on or automatically, by the time of day, the amount of light entering the room, movement in the room, or a security event.

Lighting control systems increase your comfort and convenience and will save money on your energy bills. It is so easy to forget to turn off a light when you leave a room, but with Lutron or Control4 your lights automatically turn off when movement is not detected. Turn lights off that are not needed, and annually, you’ll save hundreds of dollars in energy. Lighting accounts for almost 20% of your electric bill. With a lighting control system, you will instantly become more energy efficient.

Lighting control can be used to increase security and safety. Any of the systems we carry, Lutron, Litetouch or Control4 can be easily integrated into your security system. The Lighting control system can flash your exterior lights letting police know where they are needed while warning the intruder to get out.  During a Fire, the lighting control system can illuminate an emergency path to get out of your home.