One of the biggest benefits in the use of lighting control is the energy savings in your home. Here are some eco-friendly facts about lighting management solutions.

Lighting Control improves productivity

By just dimming lights 10%, you will save 10% on your electricity bill, and your bulb will last on average three years.

Each dimmer placed in a lighting control system automatically saves 4.9% in electricity.  The human eye cannot tell when the lights are on 90% or 100%, so the more you dim, the more you save.  A standard light switch will only save electricity when turned off.  Dimmers and Controllers save energy 24-7.

Lighting Control saves energy

Lighting Control Systems can automatically save energy and money with occupancy sensors. According to the time of day or changes in light, with an astronomic time clock, lights can turn on.

The clock can be programmed to automatically adjust to sunrise and sunset time for year-round efficient lighting control.  HS Tech Group also offers light controls for lamps and seasonal lighting; they are programmable and user-friendly.  Homeowners will never have to come home to a dark house.

While there are many ways to reduce energy use, most require the sacrifice of something.  Dimmers and lighting controls allow individuals to adjust the light level for a specific event, enhance ambiance or set their mood.

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