A home security system upgrade

Most people feel confident in their security systems until something goes terribly wrong. Whether it is an outdated system that is unreliable, and you are prone to forgetting to arm, other security measures aren’t measuring up, or you experience a flood or fire in the home, you are often less protected than you think.

In any of these situations, your home is unprotected, and an upgrade is recommended in the near future. An upgrade to your security system not only protects you from those who wish to do you harm, but they also offer your family or business several additional benefits.

Real-Time Alerts

Today’s security systems aren’t like old systems where you simply arm or disarm them; they are interactive. They are designed to notify you for various types of reasons and can be customized based on your needs.

These notifications can be based on an event occurring or not occurring. You can receive alerts every time your front door opens, or every time your system is armed or disarmed.

An upgraded system can also be beneficial to your business. If you run a business and can’t always open the store, an upgraded security system can let you know that your staff disarmed the system, who disarmed the system and at what time. Access isn’t the only thing a business security system can monitor. Modern systems can also track events such as power outages alerting your phone so you could make the necessary arrangements.

Mobile Control

Upgraded security systems often come with mobile control capability. Between web portals and smartphone apps, users can control their security system from a simple-to-use Android or IOS app. Instead of using a cumbersome wall keypad, imagine being able to arm or disarm your system, check alerts, and monitor your home from your mobile device! No more worrying if someone is home, or if you forgot to arm your security system before leaving for the day. It’s all there for you to control from your mobile device whenever you need.


Many new security systems come with auto-arm and disarm features that take the guesswork out of whether you set the alarm or not. This feature allows you to set schedules, so you don’t have to worry if someone will forget to turn the alarm on or off. The system does it automatically for you, on a schedule that you set.

Automation doesn’t stop there! Many systems are also equipped to monitor the temperature inside of a home or office. Full temperature control allows you to keep your home or office comfortable, and it can also save you money on heating and cooling costs when no one is in the space. When you integrate a smart thermostat with your security system and arm the system you are also telling the thermostat to forget the preprogrammed schedule and now do something else.

Insurance Savings

Newer security systems that not only monitor for intruders and theft but also include smoke and flood detectors, can lead to a discount in homeowners or business insurance premiums. While most companies offer a discount of 5% for a smoke detector, burglar alarm, or dead-bolt locks, many companies will cut your premium by as much as 20% if you install a sophisticated security system that is connected to police, fire, or other monitoring systems.

Is It Time to Upgrade?

Outdated security systems convey an unspoken message to family members and employees that their safety is not a priority. Installing an upgraded security system will not only protect those you love, but it can also have the unintended benefit of higher levels of productivity in business once employees feel safer in their workspace. New equipment offers your family peace of mind in the face of many situations we deal with in the modern world.

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